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‘SW:’ Meri Brown Is A Better Wife Than Robyn & Here’s Why

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Meri Brown is the original wife of Kody Brown. However, she gave up the legal status in 2014 when she divorced him. She did so that he could marry his fourth wife, Robyn. It was said that this was done so Kody could adopt Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage. However, by this time, he and Meri were in such a deep hole, they were struggling to communicate. Sadly, it seemed that Robyn became his favorite wife, a sentiment shared by his second and third wives. Yet, despite the favoritism and distance between Meri and Kody, is she actually a better wife than his beloved Robyn? Fans seem to think so. Read on to see why they believe this.

Meri Brown Cared More About The Family Than Robyn

Despite Robyn being much more ‘obedient,’ as Kody has said of his fourth wife, Meri has a more caring heart. This is according to fans on Reddit. Upon rewatching some older Sister Wives episodes, they are seeing a side of Meri that only proves she took the kids into consideration at all times. There was a scene where Kody, Meri, and their child, Leon was heading away to college. Unfortunately, his youngest child with Christine, Truely, was very sick. As much as Kody wanted to go with them for the college drop off, Meri told him to stay behind and care for Truely.

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Fans saw this and saw how selfless Meri was. They then reflected on Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery and believed that Robyn should have encouraged Kody to forget her and her children. She should have told him to go and be with Ysabel as that was what was best for his child. He claimed he could not be in quarantine for so long because of the pandemic and his family. “I would have told Kody you go to that surgery or I’m out. I could never be married to a man who would have his priorities so messed up. He had the means to fly out for a few days. He could have worn a flipping mask,” one Redditor noted.

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Another added: I know that Meri has her issues, but here is a perfect example of how Meri can put the needs of the other wives and children ahead of her own needs, unlike Robyn.” This was followed up with: “I think this was a great example of Meri thinking of someone else. I really loved how she said it would be totally okay and they both understood.”

Is Kody Oblivious?

Obviously, Kody does not see the heart that Meri Brown has when it comes to the family. He told Christine that she needed to be kinder to her sister wives, mainly Robyn. Apparently, this was the same propaganda he spewed at Meri when they were in counseling. Yet, he never wants to look at the big picture. Meri clearly knew the rules of plural marriage and that is probably why he is not faring so well with it. One Redditor actually said that Kody is a grown man and should not have to be told wrong from right. At this point, it is hard to believe he will ever truly see his faults.

Based on this, do you think Meri is a better wife than Robyn? At the very least, a better sister wife when it comes to the family? Let us know nd watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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