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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Swells With Frustration & Regret

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In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown is clearly regretting how life played him. The entire family gathered together for Ysabel’s graduation/birthday party. It was coordinated by her mother, Christine and it was such a big deal for a bevy of reasons. However, Kody struggled to be excited as he felt a dark cloud hanging over his head. Will he ever be satisfied? This is a question that may never get answered.

Kody’s Dark Cloud On Sister Wives

Everyone was thrilled to finally get to be together as a family to celebrate Ysabel. They were able to hug and be in close contact as some were vaccinated and others just tested negative. All of the wives were there including Robyn, Meri, and Janelle. However, Kody was a sad sack the entire event. He claimed that he just could not be happy. At first, it seemed like he was going to bring up the pandemic again. After all, that was what plagued him during Christmas 202o. He could not get the stress and strain of what was going on during that time out of his head to enjoy that first family gathering.

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Unfortunately, during Ysabel’s big day, Kody was basking in his own anger. He was so upset that he was going through this breakup with Christine. By now, all of the wives knew as well as most of the children. Both Ysabel and Mykelti shared that they were fine with their parents split. In fact, they noted that it was inevitable after a certain point. As for Kody, he could not get out of his own way to be able to enjoy his whole family together in happiness.

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This was one of the last times they would have a moment like this. In a few short months, Ysabel would be relocating to North Carolina for college. Christine would also be leaving for Utah with Truely so the family would officially be severed. In some ways, Kody hoped this celebration would be enough to make Christine want to stay. It clearly was not as she has made her decision and one good day does not erase all of the bad.

Always The Victim

For a good majority of the party, Kody sat there, saying he had a dark cloud over him. He acted like he was the victim now that he was losing a wife and didn’t know what to do. The Sister Wives star was not thinking about how much it took for Christine to admit she was not happy in her marriage. More so, he could not get out of his own way to honor his daughter who has overcome so much. Christine made a list of everything that Ysabel has been through. Not only did she have the life-changing scoliosis surgery but also suffered from migraines. To be this resilient and happy is a gift but Kody was a martyr the entire time.

Do you think Kody will ever stop victimizing himself? Will he ever see he played a part in Christine leaving? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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