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Kody Brown Tries To Buy Ysabel’s Love With New Car?

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During tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, fans get secondhand embarrassment for Kody Brown when he reveals he has no idea how old Ysabel is while celebrating her birthday. Things get even more awkward were fans when it appears as if Kody takes a stab at buying her love with a new car.

Kody Brown buys Ysabel’s love with new car

After a bit of a misstep in trying to figure out Ysabel’s age, Kody Brown pries for information to determine whether or not she’s been kissing any dumb boys. Ysabel reassures her father he has nothing to worry about as she hasn’t spent any time kissing boys.

Joy washes over Kody as he gets a bit giddy at learning that Ysabel’s virtue is completely intact as she turns 18. Kody Brown blurts out that turning 18 without kissing any dumb boys might be a good excuse to buy her a car.

Ysabel Brown punches the air and jumps in celebration while letting out a squeal. She admits keeping the boys away from her ahead of her 18th birthday was well worth it if her father was going to buy her a car.

Sister Wives - YouTube - TLC
Sister Wives – YouTube – TLC

Is he just trying to buy her love?

Christine Brown tells the cameras that there is no doubt in her mind that Kody loves Ysabel. So, when he inconveniently calls and tries to pull her away to spend time with him just before her party, Christine lets it happen. She explains to the cameras that she wants her children to have a relationship with their father. And, she refuses to get in the way of that.

During a confessional, Christine suspected that Kody was starting to realize that he had no spent nearly enough time with Ysabel. And, now it was too late because she was moving to another state so she could go to college.

Kody Brown - YouTube - TLC
Kody Brown – YouTube – TLC

Fans who have watched this episode (or seen the preview clip featuring this part) are in agreement it feels like Kody is trying to buy Ysabel’s love with a vehicle. Is he hoping to make up for his poor choices as a father by buying her a brand-new car?

Sister Wives fans agree Ysabel should absolutely let her father buy her a new car. That, however, doesn’t mean she should be so quick to forgive him for breaking her heart.

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