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Kody Brown Pushes Meri Away While Clinging To Christine

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Kody Brown is now a husband to three. However, it appears that he still cannot accept this fact despite the train moving forward. Christine has told him and the wives that she is leaving Flagstaff with Truely. They are moving to Utah come September (this was filmed in 2021) and she is ready for a new chapter. Even most of the Brown children are aware of what is going on. Yet, Kody seems to be doing absolutely everything that he can to keep Christine close. At the same time, he might be pushing Meri further away. This was utterly apparent in the latest episode of Sister Wives. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Tells Meri To Not Come Back

Meri’s mother, Bonnie sadly and suddenly passed away. She had been living in and running Meri’s B&B in Parowan, Utah. At this point, Meri has shut down the inn until she can figure out what is next for her. Upon talking with Kody, he tells her that she should just live there. This shocks Meri to her core that he would say something such as this. In his mind, she has become so distant from the family as is that this might be the best solution. This was not what she had wanted to hear when her heart was already broken.

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Back in Flagstaff, it is Ysabel’s birthday and high school graduation party. Everyone has gathered, all of the wives and most of the children. While there, Kody is so sad as he says there is this dark cloud over him. He cannot help but feel hurt by this breakup with Christine. Kody is lost and it’s just not a fun time for him. He is somewhat hopeful that everyone having a good time like in the old days will convince Christine to stay.

Keep One, Push The Other?

Kody Brown knows that Christine is already out of the marriage. She has given her reasons and there is no turning back. However, he seems to be looking for ways to keep her close or wanting to stay in the relationship. At the very least, he wants her to stay in Flagstaff. Then there is Meri who would do absolutely anything for Kody but he keeps pushing her farther and farther away. They are admittedly not in an intimate relationship. There is nothing romantic between the two of them. Then, he suggests she stay in Utah which had to hurt her.

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At the end of the day, Christine is off living her best life in Utah and Meri seems to be doing the same. When she is not spending a lot of time operating the B&B, she is traveling with her friends from LuLaRoe. Yet, it seems he would have preferred Christine stay and Meri go. Will Kody ever really be happy? That is a question that may never have an answer.

Do you think Kody Brown wanted Christine to stay more than Meri? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I believe that what is the main reason for Kody is that he wants to be the one deciding who’s going to stay and who’s leaving. As the strong man he sees himself, he sets the rules. I hope Janelle and Meri follow Christine out from this farce of a marriage. As Kody and Robyn seem to love each other, I wish them a happy future.

  2. Really, when push comes to shove, who cares? They all knew this lifestyle is what it is. I stopped watching a few seasons ago because Kody reminded me of MY ex-husband. It’s my way or the highway. I kicked him to the curb 23 years ago and I’m very happy I did Kody, zip up your fly and keep it there.

  3. I agree. He has believed all along that he ruled the roost. I hope all of the women except Robin, who is his little puppet, will leave Cody and get the life and the love that they deserve.

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