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Kody Brown Embarrasses Himself With Huge Ysabel Blunder

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Kody Brown makes an embarrassing misstep in a recent preview for his week’s episode of Sister Wives involving his daughter Ysabel. During this week’s episode, the family comes together to celebrate both Ysabel’s graduation and her 18th birthday. Prying for information about whether Ysabel has been kissing any boys, Kody asks if this is her “sweet 17.” 

The question, however, was an embarrassing misstep for Kody Brown because he revealed he really has no idea how old Ysabel is.

Kody Brown makes an embarrassing misstep with Ysabel

The Sister Wives star asks Ysabel if the party was her “sweet 17.” Ysabel sounded a bit confused by the question. Thinking about how to answer, she reminds her father that she’s actually about to turn 18. Christine could be heard in the background reminding Kody this was an 18th birthday party. Not even taking a moment to acknowledge the fact that he forgot how old his daughter was, Kody adds that being her “sweet 18” just makes it even better.


What exactly is he even talking about?

Talking to the cameras, Kody Brown proceeds to school Sister Wives fans on what a “sweet 16” really means. The TLC star explains that a sweet sixteen means the child has protected their virtue by not kissing someone of the opposite gender just yet. Kody considered it to be a great thing that Ysabel had not “wasted” any of her time “kissing stupid boys.” 

Speaking to the camera again, Kody noted that it was so important for a person to find and build trust before they switched gears and started working on the more intimate aspect of their relationship. So, he was so proud that Ysabel had yet to find a boy she was interested in kissing.

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Sister Wives fans were floored by Kody Brown

In the comments, Sister Wives fans felt secondhand embarrassment for Kody Brown because he spilled the beans on the fact that he had no idea how old Ysabel was. Fans pointed out it must have been hard for him to keep up with the ages and birthdays when he had so many children and wives. Others agreed it was just shameful that he didn’t consider this information important enough to know.

Hooked on the “sweet 16” portion of the clip, Sister Wives fans admitted they had never heard anyone explain it the way Kody just did. In fact, many fans thought he was making it up. There, however, were a few individuals who chimed in to point out that this belief on what a sweet sixteen was accurate. It was just extremely old.

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Are you surprised Kody Brown doesn’t know the age of his children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives. 

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