Kanye West Banned From Instagram Again, What Happened?

Kanye West Rambling To Jimmy Kimmel [Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]

Instagram banned Kanye West for the second time. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the rapper has been posting non-stop on the social media app. Over the weekend, Instagram restricted him from posting.

Kanye ran over to Twitter to share even more controversial posts. On Friday, October 7, he made his grand return to the other social media platform. The “Jesus is King” star tweeted for the first time in two years. Some fans wonder if Kanye will last on Elon Musk’s new Twitter.

Kanye West [Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]
[Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]

What happened with Instagram?

Kanye West landed in trouble with Instagram again. Per the Hollywood Reporter, his account was restricted for policy violations. Instagram hit him with several violations over his recent posts. The restrictions prevent the Yeezy designer from commenting, posting, and sending messages.

However, the report didn’t specify which one of Kanye West’s posts were removed. This isn’t the first time that he had trouble with Instagram. In March 2022, Kanye used a racial slur against Trevor Noah. The late-night host expressed his concern over how the hip-hop artist was acting toward his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West Speaks To Tucker Carlson [Fox News | YouTube]
[Fox News | YouTube]
Kanye lashed out at Trevor with an insulting Instagram post. Trevor brushed it off and handled it with grace. Several weeks later, Kanye returned to Instagram but held off on posting. Sometimes he would post several times in one day.

Is Kanye West in trouble with Twitter?

Kanye West went running back to Twitter. He’s hoping that Elon Musk will do him a good favor. Yet, he was already in trouble with his latest tweets. While the Tesla founder did welcome Kanye back to Twitter, two of his posts were deleted.

Twitter locked Kanye West’s account for his anti-semitic tweet. On Friday, Kanye wrote: “Look at this Mark, How you gone kick me off Instagram” with a photo of himself with the Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg singing karaoke. Several hours later, Kanye wrote an offensive tweet about Jewish people.

He wrote a tweet that read: “Death con 3 on Jewish people.” Actress Jamie Lee Curtis called him out on it. The Halloween Kills star called him out on the platform and informed him to do better. Per Tech Crunch, Twitter removed his tweet and promptly locked his account.

Kanye West loses support

Kanye West has already received criticism from celebrities and the fashion industry. Earlier this week, he defended his “White Lives Matter” T-shirts during his interview with Fox News correspondent Tucker Carlson. Vogue Editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson called the fashion stunt “deeply offensive, violent, and dangerous.”

What are your thoughts on Kanye West’s latest social media posts? Do you think all social media platforms should ban him for life? Where do you think he should end up next? Sound off below in the comment section.

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