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Everyone But Kody Brown Knew What Meri Really Wanted

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Kody Brown appears to be the only one on his entire family tree that had no idea what Meri really wanted. Even Christine Brown, who is leaving the family and has admitted she’s not close to Meri, still knew what Meri wanted. What was this desire that eluded Kody and only Kody? Keep reading for the details.

Everyone but Kody Brown knew what Meri wanted

During tonight’s episode, Meri Brown reveals Kody suggested she should just pack up her things and move to the B&B. Kody clarified to the cameras he was not trying to push Meri away. He just knew she was trying to deal with the fact that she lost her mother and it was a solution to her problem that just made sense. Meri thought it was both laughable and sad that Kody would even suggest such a thing because she had absolutely no desire to live at the B&B.

Meri Brown tells the cameras she’s just at the B&B right now because she’s trying to figure out how to move forward. In addition to mourning the unexpected passing of her mother, there’s the fact that her mother was the one managing the B&B. And, now her mother is gone. As fans who follow the family on social media know, it appears as if Leon and Audrey Kriss now assist in managing the end for Meri. Meri, however, does appear to spend more time there after her mother’s passing.

Meri Brown - Sister Wives - YouTube
Meri Brown – Sister Wives – YouTube

Janelle, Robyn, and Christine knew what she wanted

Each of Meri Brown’s sister wives spoke to the cameras during a confessional. All three of the wives knew that Meri Brown did not want to live at the B&B. Christine told the cameras Meri had made it clear on multiple occasions that she never, ever had the desire to live at the B&B. Christine and Janelle both noted that Meri purchased the B&B because it was something she felt passionate about doing. And, she wanted to keep the property in the family. There, however, was never a moment where Meri wanted to break from the family and live there. Christine was a bit flabbergasted by Kody’s solution because Meri had always been very clear with what she wanted.

Kody Brown - YouTube - TLC
Kody Brown – YouTube – TLC

Does it surprise you that everyone but Kody would know what Meri Brown really wanted? Do you think it is telling that Christine knew the truth but Kody didn’t? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. why should it be telling. kody knows nothing about the wives except Robyn because she follows rules. and by the way meri did too but Robyn and kody left her alone during covid. selfish pigs. if the women didn’t take care of them selves they would be with out anything.

  2. Kody has always been a selfish prick.
    Him shacking up with Robin was an excuse to keep his other wives away.
    His comment about kicking kids out when they turn 18 is preposterous. Many 18 year olds have no idea how to navigate adult life. But that’s on the parents for not teaching them.
    Will he kick out Robin’s kids when they turn 18? Highly doubtful. Kody will have some reason it doesn’t apply to those kids.

  3. This guy is a sanctimonious self-righteous malignant narcissist! They need to kick him to the curb and keep on going! He’s a porker 🤮🥵🤬

  4. He is a total asshole!! Those women should kick him to the curb!!! There is nothing appealing about him at all. He doesn’t deserve 1 wife let alone 4

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