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Coyote Pass Plans: Kody Brown STILL Wants Five Houses

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As TvShowsAce, the Coyote Pass breakdown and ownership isn’t what it appears on Sister Wives. For starters, Kody Brown has his name on every parcel of land the family owns. Likewise, Robyn Brown owns over 50 percent of the property since Christine left. Moreover, Meri Brown owns basically nothing at just 15 percent of the property.

Now, the plans for Coyote Pass up until this point had always been to redraw the property lines. Kody Brown’s family wanted five lots of land and five houses. Kody explained that he wanted a house for each one of his wives. And, he also wanted a plot of land and a house he could call his own. Because, in the grand scheme of things, why couldn’t he have one too?

Kody Brown - Sister Wives
Kody Brown – Sister Wives

With Christine gone, fans assume the plans for Coyote Pass will switch from five hours to four. Christine leaving also means they don’t really need to redo the property lines to create the fifth lot. Turns out, Christine Brown leaving the family hasn’t really changed what Kody wants to do with Coyote Pass. In fact, he still wants to have five houses. The big question fans have is simple: Why? If he only has three wives now, why does he need five houses?

During tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown does share some of his plans for Coyote Pass. And, he explains why five houses are still part of his plan. He also explained why he wants five houses.

Janelle Brown - YouTube - TLC
Janelle Brown – YouTube – TLC

Coyote Pass plans: Kody Brown still wants five houses

Christine Brown wants nothing to do with Coyote Pass after making the decision to leave Kody. And, she could care less what plans they have for the property without her. Kody Brown tells the cameras that he still plans to build five houses. He wants a house for each of his three wives. He also wants two extra houses as assets for the family.

Kody explains they will be able to rent the two extra houses in the future. This move just makes sense to ensure they have a few streams of income when they enter retirement.

Kody Brown - YouTube - TLC
Kody Brown – YouTube – TLC

Presently, Kody Brown and his wives still haven’t fully paid off the property. This is something they’ll have to do before they can even start building on it. Janelle Brown hopes living on the property in an RV will motivate the family to move forward with paying off the property. Robyn Brown agrees Kody and Janelle spending so much time on the property could be the push the family needs.

Do you think Kody Brown and his wives will ever actually build anything on Coyote Pass? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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