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Concerned Busby Quints React To Injured Big Sister

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How did the OutDaughtered Busby quints react to learning their big sister Blayke was injured to the point of breaking a bone? In addition to documenting how she got injured and her doctor’s visit, Adam Busby also documented sharing the news of Blayke’s broken bone with her sisters. Keep reading to learn how they reacted to learning about Blayke Busby’s injury.

OutDaughtered quints learn about Blayke’s injury

Toward the end of Adam and Danielle Busby’s ten-minute video, Adam arrives at the bus stop with his golf cart to pick up his girls. Once they are all settled, he informs them he has some news. He proceeds to explain that Blayke Busby had to go to the doctor. Her little sisters were instantly concerned and wanted more information. Why did she go to the doctor? Was she alright?

Adam Busby broke the news to the concerned quints as gently as he could. He explained that Blayke broke her arm. Now, none of the Busby quints had ever broken a bone. Neither had Blayke up until this point, so all five of her little sisters had questions.

OutDaughtered - Busby - YouTube
OutDaughtered – Busby – YouTube

For starters, Riley Busby wanted to analyze the situation. She wanted to know which arm was broken. Adam told her he was pretty sure it was Blayke’s left arm. LuLu found the information relieving as it meant Blayke would still be able to do important things such as drawing with her sisters.

Still concerned, the Busby quints questioned how their injured big sister would sleep with a broken arm. Adam explained that she had a temporary brace on her arm that would protect her arm while she was asleep.

OutDaughtered - Busby - YouTube
OutDaughtered – Busby – YouTube

Blayke Busby anticipates their reaction

At the doctor, Blayke Busby tells her mother she’s pretty sure the quints won’t believe that her arm is broken. Danielle clarified that Blayke and her sisters play doctor all of the time. So, they could think the brace isn’t real. When they get home, her sisters quickly call attention to the brace and ask what exactly it is. Blayke excitedly tell her parents she told them so before adding that she KNEW her sisters would immediately question what the brace on her arm was.

OutDaughtered - Busby - YouTube
OutDaughtered – Busby – YouTube

Overall, OutDaughtered fans thought the concern the Busby quints had for their injured big sister was precious. Fans loved that Riley immediately needed to know which arm to determine how serious the situation was.

Check out the video documenting the whole experience:

Let us know what you think of the Busby quints’ reaction to learning Blayke had a broken bone in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on the OutDaughtered family.

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