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‘The View’ Sunny Hostin Shares Details Of Eerie Fantasy On-Air


The View host Sunny Hostin recently shared details of her eerie fantasy in the latest episode that has fans freaked out. She talked about what she would do if she had a chance to venture on a getaway with an ex. What did she reveal? What was so eerie about it? Keep reading to find out the details!

Sunny Hostin Has Poisonous Plans For Her Exes

We all have had fantasies where we wished to seek revenge from our exes but Sunny has something else planned which at the least is creepy and scary. In a recent The View episode, Sunny and her co-hosts found themselves talking about a Tiktok user who went on a final breakup getaway. It happened after she and her boyfriend decided to split.

Sunny Hostin The View YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As the discussion started to heat up, Sunny shared her opinion and her response on the matter was unexpected for many. Talking about her eerie fantasy, she said, “What if you’re like really angry and then you decide you’re going, and as they’re sleeping you’re thinking about all the ways you can poison them… all the things you can do to them…”

The studio audience burst into laughter as Sunny continued, “…Push them off a cliff. All the ‘accidents’ they can possibly have on vacation… it’s just I don’t get it either. I’m confused.”

Twitter Users Bash Sunny For Her Appalling Views On Exes

While the live audience roared in support of Sunny’s response, the fans on social media had a different tune about it.

One Twitter user wrote, “No Sunny, he doesn’t deserve to be pushed off a cliff!”

Sunny Hostin The View YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“Does Sunny understand that some people have amicable breakups? Like damn everybody doesn’t want to kill each other when a breakup happens…” wrote another.

A third joked, “Someone check on Sunny exes? Are they all alive?”

A fourth referred to the 1987 film starring Glenn Close and wrote, “Sunny gives me a Fatal Attraction vibe.”

The View Host Sunny Hostin has Unfiltered Thoughts

However, as per The Sun, this isn’t the first time the host has sparked the viewers’ interest with her cryptic comments. Earlier this summer, the 53-year-old shared her thoughts on a Hot Topics segment that talked about exes coming out of the woodwork.

It started with Joy Behar noting, “A reader wrote to the New York Times advice column with a question.”

“It seems that her boyfriend’s ex-wife has moved across the street from her boyfriend’s house…” she continued.

Sunny Hostin The View YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Joy looked towards Sunny and asked, “So how do you feel about that Sunny?”

“Well, she’s clearly a stalker, the ex-wife, and I would make her life so miserable that she would not want to live across the street from me… any longer,” Sunny responded.

It seems like Sunny doesn’t have any problem showing off her real feelings. Moreover, her ‘real feelings’ do spark a debate among fans online. Many even bash her for being so bold with her statements.

Finally, what do you think of Sunny’s creepy murder fantasy? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Talking of harming someone, or worse is not entertainment or mature. I’d hope “The View” would reconsider her contract and/or see if she has somehow violated it with her highly outrageous comments.

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