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NBC’s ‘Dateline’ Takes Closer Look At Susan Winter’s Death


NBC’s Dateline shared deeper details of the mysterious death of attorney Susan Winters in a conversation with her parents in its latest episode. While Netflix in collaboration with Ryan Murphy is introducing several true crime dramas, NBC also continues to bring unsolved cases for the viewers sharing unknown details from the crime world. Dateline‘s latest episode talks about Susan’s tragic death from her parent’s point of view. The thing that makes this case more mysterious is the fact that the culprit was never found. So, who really was Susan Winters? And what happened to her? Keep reading to find out!

Did Susan Winters Really Commit Suicide?

Susan Winters was a Las Vegas-based attorney who died on January 3, 2015, at the age of 48. According to police records, Gregory ‘Brent’ Dennis, her husband informed police that his wife committed suicide by ingesting antifreeze and opioids. Although at the start, the police did believe the husband’s testimonial, they later ruled her death a homicide. As per Starcasm, the couple shared two daughters who also believe that their mother committed suicide.

Susan Winters Dateline NBC YouTube

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Winters also served as a part-time judge and as per investigators, her husband had financial problems that worsened due to his cocaine addiction. After her death, Gregory received $2 Million from his wife’s estate which also included a $1 Million payout from her insurance policy. As per investigators, Susan had confronted her husband over his destructive addiction a mere two days before she died. Moreover, the phone records didn’t line up with Gregory’s story about his whereabouts the day before the attorney’s death.

Case Detectives Alleged That Gregory Murdered His Wife For Money

Detectives assigned to the case argue that Gregory fed his wife a cocktail of antifreeze and painkillers in the morning and watched her die to ensure he could collect her life insurance payout. Two years after her death, Gregory was arrested for allegedly murdering his wife.

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However, due to a lack of evidence, he was soon released on $250,000 bail.

Where Is Gregory Dennis Now?

Currently, Gregory is serving a 3-10 year sentence for his wife’s death. However, he did this after entering an Alford guilty plea. For the unversed, an Alford guilty plea is a formal plea to the court while adhering to the innocence claim.

Dateline NBC YouTube

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This is applicable in cases where all the evidence found during the investigation is enough to charge the accused with the crime and they do not want to fight the same. However, they still claim that they are innocent of the crime they have been accused of.

The psychologist stated that he entered this plea in an effort to spare the stress that his family has been dealing with due to the ongoing trial.

In its October 7 episode, NBC’s Dateline spoke with Susan’s parents who believe that their daughter was murdered. The episode aired at 9 p.m. ET.

Did you watch Dateline’s latest episode on NBC? And do you think Susan’s parents are right? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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