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‘My 600-Lb. Life’: James Jones 2022 Update

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Whatever happened to My 600-Lb. Life guest James Jones? The Season 2 guest weight 728 lbs when viewers first got to know him. However, he didn’t stay there. Through hard work, James managed to shed 352 lbs. That was practically half his weight! It’s always exciting when a My 600-Lb. Life guest manages to accomplish something so significant.

Season 2 aired all the way back in 2014, so it’s been quite some time since fans have had a chance to hear from James Jones. What’s he up to today?

James Jones may have one of the biggest weight losses on the show

James Jones may have been well over 700 lbs during his Season 2 episode, but he admitted he wasn’t a large kid. He didn’t struggle with his weight until he was a teenager. His father and sister passed away, causing James to turn to food to deal with his grief. This developed into a food addiction that just grew worse.

James Jones from TLC, My 600-Lb. Life
James Jones/TLC

The good news is that Dr. Now managed to really help James. He put him on his weight loss program and James did everything in his power to overcome his addiction. By the time his journey was over, James Jones lost nearly half his body weight.

So where is James in 2022?

James Jones from Facebook
James Jones/Facebook

The TLC personality does have a public Facebook page, but he doesn’t post there very often. However, he did upload a picture in 2021 revealing that he managed to keep the weight off.

James Jones has definitely come a long way from his days on My 600-Lb. Life and he looks quite happy and well.

The TLC personality has his eye on the prize

Starcasm caught up with James Jones back in 2019 to talk about his progress.

“I weighed 239 [pounds] last month when I went to the oncologist,” the TLC personality told Starcasm back then, revealing that he kept working after leaving the show. However, James also said that he didn’t view his weight loss as a competition. He’s on his own personal journey and doesn’t want to compete with anyone.

James Jones had his own episode of Where Are They Now, but fans would love to see him have another update episode. It’s been so long since they saw him onscreen.

With any luck, TLC will put out new episodes of My 600-Lb. Life before the end of the year comes. Season 10 premiered toward the end of 2021, so fans have plenty of reasons to hold out hope. On top of that, Dr. Now has confirmed new episodes are just around the corner. Fans will just need to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.

Love My 600-Lb. Life? Check back for more update stories and see where former guests are today. Keep reading and see what happened to Susan Farmer once she left the show.

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