Meri Brown’s Ego Getting Out Of Control?

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Meri Brown is desperately looking for love and acceptance. Her home situation has been a hot mess for years. She does not get along with her sister wives. Plus, she and her husband, Kody are surface-level friends, if that. Meri admitted that they have not been intimate in over a decade. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody seemingly encourages Meri to move from Flagstaff to live at her B&B in Utah. This breaks her heart yet when she is not with the family, Meri is living her best life. She has a ton of friends at LuLaRoe and they are constantly traveling. It is as if she does not even need her plural family. So, has all of the MLM adoration gone to her head? Read on for more information.

Is Meri Brown Getting Too Big For Her Britches?

It has become well-known amongst Meri’s followers that she only likes positive feedback. Apparently, she has a habit of blocking comments that she does not care for. Sometimes, she will even block followers she is not fond of. This is not taken kindly by those who just want to see what the businesswoman is up to. This is quite the opposite of what fans see on television. Meri is usually lonely and sad, wanting to be included in almost everything. Yet, there is an additional side to Meri that fans also did not anticipate.

Meri Brown/YouTube

It seems Meri may become somewhat full of herself. Her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn has become quite a popular spot in Parowan Utah. So popular, she has had to put out warnings for those going by to be mindful of the people who actually live in the neighborhood. Now, she has a special meet and greet going on that has fans’ fur up. According to Reddit, Meri is doing a special stay at her B&B. It has a bunch of special features and, of course, Meri is included. However, the prices are a tad much for someone is should be quite humble.

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There are two levels, standard, and VIP. Only the VIPs get to stay at the actual inn. The trip is four days and three nights in November. Plus, it includes two to five daily activities plus morning mindfulness and evening firepits. But wait, there is more. Guests will also receive a goodie bag, photos, time to “bond” with Meri, and much more. However, her fans are anything but impressed.

This Is A ‘Hard Pass’

When fans got wind of this event, they were less than thrilled. First off, how could Meri Brown justify charging people so much to hang out with her? “I like that she thinks so highly of her fan base–that they have this kind of money to throw around!” one noted. Another added: “It’s actually delusional. I’m delighted by how oddly delusional it is. It’s like she thinks she’s at a bizarre level of celebrity that… she’s never been at ever.”

Others simply just don’t want to go because it is not worth the money. “6 grand for 5 days in Southern Utah? Nightly fire pit hang because there is nothing else to do. Hard pass,” one joked. Finally, one Redditor had this to say: “Note: the $4,500 package doesn’t include staying at the inn man… this is pricey.” It will be interesting to see how many people actually show up for the event.

Would you want to spend that much money to go hang out at the B&B with Meri Brown? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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