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Meri Brown Responds Like A Hypocrite To Janelle’s Choice?


On last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown dropped a bombshell on Meri Brown and her other sister wives. Janelle revealed that she had to make a decision fast as her landlord had decided to sell the home she was currently renting. Sure, purchasing the home from her landlord was an option. Janelle even acknowledged that the landlord wanted a reasonable price for the home. Janelle, however, wasn’t sure buying her rental was the best option. Janelle pointed out that if she put all of her resources into buying her rental, she would not be able to put her resources into building on Coyote Pass. And, building on Coyote Pass would continue to NOT happen.

Janelle Brown told Kody and her wives that she called a dealership and there was just one 5th wheel in the United States that was exactly what she wanted. So, she wasn’t in a position where she could wait and talk to them before making the purchase. So, she decided to just do what she wanted to do. She jumped the gun and purchased the 5th wheel.

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Janelle Brown revealed to Meri Brown and her sister wives that she did purchase the 5th wheel sight unseen. All of her sister wives were floored she would make a purchase such as this sight unseen. Meri Brown, however, might’ve been the most bothered by it.

Meri Brown says she would never buy anything sight unseen.

Meri Brown tells the cameras she was in complete shock that Janelle Brown would make such a big purchase “sight unseen.” Moreover, Meri insisted she would never make that type of purchase sight unseen. She did go back on her statement saying she does embrace shopping online. But, she would never make a purchase on something so big without seeing it first.

On Reddit and Facebook fans of Sister Wives were pretty quick to bring up the dreaded catfishing incident. Fans pointed out it was both ironic and hypocritical for Meri to insist she would never do something “sight unseen.” Some fans noted that Meri had a lot of nerve criticizing Janelle when she was prepared to dive into a whole relationship “sight unseen” with someone that ended up being a catfish.

Meri Brown/YouTube

In response to her criticism of Janelle, some Sister Wives fans urged Meri Brown to “go catfishing.”

Do you think Meri Brown is being hypocritical toward Janelle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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