Cast Members Dish On ‘Manifest’ Season 4 — What’s Coming Up?

Manifest Season 4 from Netflix

New episodes of Manifest Season 4 will arrive on Netflix starting on November 4. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next. Season 3 ended on some pretty massive cliffhangers and viewers want answers.

In the Season 3 finale, Cal vanished and magically reappeared — only he aged five years. And on top of that, he seemed to have answers about Flight 828’s mysterious disappearance.

So what happens next? The Manifest Season 4 cast recently gathered to dish on what fans can expect to see. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Manifest Season 4 actors paint an exciting picture for upcoming episodes

Since Cal is five years older, he will be played by actor Ty Doran instead of Jack Messina. It’ll take audience members a moment to get used to teenage Cal, but they’re excited to see what he knows about Flight 828.

“He’s in this older body but has not matured to the level that would be apropos of his stature now, I guess,” Ty Doran told EW. “So it has been weird to… He’s like a little kid. He’s so angsty, he’s got so many daddy issues, and he wants to help so bad. It’s been interesting… Where he begins and where he ends are two very different places, and I think he really grows up over the course of this season.”

Manifest Season 4 from Netflix
Ty Doran/Manifest

On top of that, Cal Stone is dealing with the loss of his mother. Angelina murdered Grace at the end of Season 3 and kidnapped her infant daughter. According to sources, Manifest Season 4 takes place two years after the Season 3 finale and no one ever found Angelina or baby Eden.

Actor Josh Dallas plays Ben Stone on the show, who is also apparently going through a lot this year.

Josh Dallas says that Ben is “deep in his grief spiral and shame spiral, and his anger — he’s in a lot of anger. And he’s going away from everything, and that’s including the callings. And that also includes, unfortunately, his family that’s still around him, that still loves him, that wants him to get better. But he can’t quite see the [forest] through the trees and he pushes them all away. There’s some harrowing and emotional moments with him in this first part.”

The final season will premiere on Netflix in different segments

Manifest Season 4 started filming in November 2021, so the production team has had plenty of time to make things perfect. Netflix recently put out a brand-new trailer for fans to enjoy.

However, fans that want to binge all of Manifest Season 4 in one sitting will be a little disappointed. The first 10 episodes will premiere on November 4. The remaining 10 episodes don’t yet have a release date.

Stay tuned for the latest news on your favorite Netflix releases! There will be more news to share soon.

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