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Madison Prewett Says Goodbye To Single Life With Bachelorette Celebration

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Madison Prewett will be getting married very soon, so she wanted to celebrate first with some close girlfriends. She had choices for a destination, but she decided Miami would be the best plan. Grant Troutt and Madison have made it clear they aren’t looking for a long engagement and they weren’t kidding.

Prewett said it’s been a long time coming for the right man to come into her life.  After eight months together, Grant and Madison got engaged and have already had a joint shower with their family and friends. Madison credits a great wedding planner who has gotten her everything she needed and she’s partnering with a bridal boutique store for the perfect dress. Everything is coming together and by the end of October, she will be a married woman.

As we reported, her connection with Grant was instant. They rode around and listened to Drake and she was hooked. They both have similar faith and goals when it comes to marriage and family.

Madison Prewett Was Happy For A Break

Madison Prewett said that with planning for a wedding, you don’t have a lot of time for your people. She said she was excited to just not have to worry and take some time to breathe. According to People, they stayed in the “Miami Beach EDITION boutique hotel.” She said her sister found it and said it would be the best.

When Madison called the hotel, the girl on the phone told her she had a dream she stayed there before she got married. Madison took that as a sign they had to go. She had some sponsors for her party as well. Victoria’s Secret gave them the PJs and robes they were able to wear.

Madison Prewett, Instagram
Madison Prewett, Instagram

The Former Bachelorette Had One Last Dunk

Madison Prewett’s theme for her party was, “Maddie’s Last Slam Dunk.” They had one night where they had a pizza sleepover and the next day they went to the pool. That night they rented out a club the hotel calls the Basement which is modeled after Studio 54.

Madison Prewett, Instagram
Madison Prewett, Instagram

She said there they bowled, skated, and ordered food. Madison made time to pray and share with friends. Madison said her favorite part was having time to, “pray, worship, journal, and hang out.” She took the time to also get some advice from her married friends. She wanted to know what prayers they had for her and Grant.

Madison said now she’s able to just be excited because, in the beginning, all the choices were stressful. According to her, it was “all day long just appointment after appointment, call after call.” She went on to say now she’s in the sweet spot.  To read more about Madison and Grant’s journey, click here. What do you think about Madison’s bachelorette weekend? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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