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Kira Mengistu Dishes On Romeo & Doctors Letting Loose

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Kira Mengistu made it known in true Demi Burnett fashion, she was ready to go to the boom boom room. She showed up owning her sexuality and fans both loved her for it and criticized her for it. Kira is a doctor at Penn Medicine. She said she’d been so focused on school and her career for so long it was time to let loose a bit.

She’s seen comments about herself on social media and that she shouldn’t act that way as a doctor. Mengistu said she didn’t do anything inappropriate in Paradise, but there is a double standard with women being comfortable talking about sex, and men being comfortable talking about it.

Kira Mengistu Came In Hot

Kira Mengistu said she came in hot ready to hang out with the guys. She said Jacob came in the same, he was naked and came in hot, but he wasn’t criticized as much.

Kira Mengistu - Instagram
Kira Mengistu – Instagram

According to Bachelor Nation, she said, “I think people are still uncomfortable with women owning their sexuality and not being ashamed of it.” She said it’s changing slowly, but some people still judge. Kira just wants to have fun.

She Talked About Her Relationship With Romeo Before The Show

Kira Mengistu talked about how she ended up in a love triangle with Romeo and Jill Chin. When Kira walked up to talk to Romeo, Jill lost it a bit. Earlier in the episode, Jill had said they had been good friends and it shifted.

Kira wasn’t afraid to tell Talking it Out with Bachelor Nation what went down. She told Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo that they went to school together and graduated from Harvard at the same time. They were aware of each other.

Kira Mengistu - Instagram
Kira Mengistu – Instagram

They reconnected after The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and she visited him in New York. Kira wanted to go to Paradise with an open mind. She wanted to rekindle what they’d shared and revealed they made out one night when they were hanging out, and that upset Jill.

Jill And Romeo Also Knew Each Other Before Paradise

Kira Mengistu said Romeo was talking to lots of girls and Jill was one of them. She asked Jill if she liked Romeo and Jill denied it. Kira said they made out one night and Jill asked her about it. She said Chin was very upset that she didn’t tell her. Kira said that clued her into Jill having feelings.

When they got to the beach, things escalated. Jill and Kira sat down and talked where there were some harsh words exchanged. Kira told Jill she was, “sl*t-shaming her.” It didn’t seem like either could be rational. In the end, Romeo lost out on both women because he went to pursue another lady on the beach. What do you think about the fight and the potential for a love triangle Romeo botched? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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