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Kalani And Asuelu’s Relationship Status, Married Or Divorced?

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90 Day Fiancé stars Kalani and Asuelu have surely been through their fair share of marital struggles. The couple was introduced to the TLC viewers in Season 6 of the flagship series. Kalani’s vacation romance with Asuelu got her pregnant and later on, the couple got married, despite her family’s objection.

Kalani & Asuelu’s Relationship Dwindles Amid Financial Woes

However, after the couple welcomed their second child, they couldn’t find peace in their marriage. Some of this disturbance stems from the fact that Asuelu’s upbringing involves the women taking care of the household while the man is in charge of the finances. However, while Kalani had to let go of her job at a group home to take care of her kids, Asuelu did nothing to help around the household.

Kalani Asuelu 90 Day YouTube

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This stressed out the couple given that their savings were running out and Asuelu had no job. The mother of two felt that her husband wasn’t doing his part either as a father or as a husband. In a particularly heated fight, Asuelu even called her wife a ‘bitch’ and that upset both Kalani and her family. However, given that Kalani believes in traditional marriages, inspired by her parents, she decided to work out the issues that have been ailing their marriage.

Kalani Is Threatened By Asuelu’s Sister For Denying Financial Help

Another event that caused a rift between the couple was when they met up with Asuelu’s family back in 2019 during the holiday season. Lesina, Asuelu’s mom, and her sister Tammy pressured the 27-year-old to send money back home to his family in Samoa. At the time, Asuelu had a part-time job at a local grocery store that didn’t give him enough to take care of both his families. However, Tammy and Lesina felt Kalani was the reason Asuelu didn’t want to help them financially.

Kalani 90 Day YouTube

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The financial fight reached its peak when Tammy and Lesina met Kalani after which the sister even threatened to beat her up. This threat led to an argument between the couple after which Kalani admitted that she wasn’t happy in the marriage and wished to end things. However, after the couple opted for counseling, it helped them become closer.

Asuelu Now Works As A Full-Time Uber Driver

Now that Asuelu has a job, things are starting to look better for the couple. As per InTouch Weekly, he works as a full-time Uber driver apart from what TLC pays the family for appearing in the 90 Day shows. The couple even went on a family trip to Hawaii in March 2022. Asuelu even shared a TikTok video of himself with Kalani and his kids alongside her sister Kolini as they enjoyed their time at the beach.

As reported earlier by TV Shows Ace, Asuelu posted a cryptic message on social media in June that sparked rumors that he had split from his wife.

Tammy and Lesina 90 Day YouTube

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Responding to a fan who asked where Kalani was, he wrote,

“IDK, she don’t wanna join my Live, she doesn’t want film TikTok with me. She’s different from how she used to be. She doesn’t wanna go out with me. Everything she needs I supply for her, especially the boys.”

He further added that he had a lot to say about their current relationship status, but couldn’t due to the TLC contract. The speculations strengthened after the couple placed their Utah home for sale.

Asuelu Slams Critics For Dubbing Him A ‘Bad Dad’

However, in his latest post, Asuelu slammed the critics for the split speculations. They even charged him for not being a good dad. In an Instagram reel, he said, “This is for all of you bitches that complain about my life. They say grow up, be a good dad, bitch I’m here, buying all the groceries, buying all the food, buying everything for my family.”

Asuelu Instagram 90 Day

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Do you think Kalani and Asuelu are really together? Or is it just a charade to keep getting paid by TLC? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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