‘BIP’: Jill Chin Dishes On Teddi Wright’s Crazy Exit

Jill Chin has endured a bit of drama during this season of Bachelor in Paradise. She fought with Kira Mengistu over Romeo Alexander. Then, he tried to go after Brittany Galvin and got shot down. This ended things for Jill and while she got an apology and a rose from Romeo, that ship has sailed.

After enduring seeing her really good friend Teddi Wright break down after breaking up with Andrew Spencer. She wanted to be there with him, but she didn’t feel the same kind of spark he did. Teddi didn’t stay on the beach and when Jill found out she’d left, she was very upset.

She Thinks Teddi Made The Right Choice

Jill said she thought Teddi made the right choice for her at that moment. She said the environment is very hard when exploring things and watching it back on TV. Jill said, “she’s a very dear friend of mine. I wish that I could’ve said goodbye to her.”

She had told her to come to see her if she was going to do anything drastic. Jill said she would have tried to convince her to stay, so she didn’t say goodbye. It felt like a shock to her. As we reported, Teddi posted an Instagram post after her departure aired that caused fans to question what truly happened. They think she had a run-in with the producers. Her post said she learned when to leave a toxic environment, which seemed to directly correlate with her abrupt exit from the beach.

She Also Talked About Rachel Recchia

Jill Chin’s friend Rachel Recchia has also been going through it publicly as well. She ended her engagement to Tino Franco and the outcome aired on the season finale of The Bachelorette. Jill said she felt for her and while she had a hard time, she’s fine now. Chin said, “she’s in her hot girl era and I love that for her.”

Jill Chin, Instagram
Jill Chin, Instagram

As for if anything happened between Rachel and Aven Jones who showed up to shoot his shot on the finale, Jill said she didn’t know. She said there is interest on both sides but that’s all she knows right now.

Jill Chin Says Change Is Coming

As for Jill Chin’s time on Bachelor in Paradise, she teased there’s a change coming for her. She said fans will see a “quirky weird couple come into the mix.” According to Us Weekly, Jill also said she’s happy people will get to see her do the “love thing,” for once.

Jill Chin, YouTube
Jill Chin, YouTube

The cliffhanger of Rodney Mathews arriving and talking to Jill and Teddi shows fans there’s possibly something happening for Jill on the show soon. After all, they are only on day three. There’s still a lot to come with Paradise airing every Monday and Tuesday night.

Stay tuned.

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