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‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Halterman Responds To Divorce Rumors?

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Rumors Amy and Michael Halterman’s marriage was on the rocks started to swirl a few days ago. Amy shared a photo that included her hand with no wedding ring in sight. The lack of a wedding ring in combination with the fact that fans just haven’t seen any photos including Michael caused theories and speculations to run wild. Was this TLC couple having some troubles?

Amy Halterman explained the wedding ring

The 1000-Lb. Sister star did respond to questions in the comments of her post bout her lack of a wedding ring. Amy Halterman explained that she had lost a significant amount of weight since she got married. So, she didn’t wear her wedding ring for a pretty simple fact. It didn’t fit her hand anymore.

Amy Halterman didn’t want to risk her wedding ring falling off her finger it no longer fit, so she just stopped wearing it. While some fans agreed this was a reasonable explanation, others questioned why she didn’t just get her ring resized. Moreover, she could also just get a ring that actually fits.

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Michael Halterman surfaces in response to rumors

Shortly after rumors started to swirl that Amy Halterman and her husband Michael were having marriage woes, Amy shared a photo of herself with Michael on her Instagram. Some fans couldn’t help but wonder if this was Amy’s way of responding to the rumors that they were having some issues in their relationship. On Reddit and Facebook, fans agreed there was no better way to respond to the rumors than posting a photo of herself with Michael on her Instagram profile.

“Had some much fun at Josh turner concert Harrisburg Il fairgrounds and I got my spooky nails,” Amy Halterman penned in the caption of her photo as she explained what she was doing with her husband.

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Swiping over, Amy Halterman’s post also included a close-up snapshot of her “spooky nails” that she boasted about getting done. Her nails appeared to be a dark witchy green color. The photo, however, was so blurry it was a little hard to make the color out for sure.

Does it give you relief to know that Amy Halterman and Michael are not actually having any marital woes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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