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Would Kody Brown Have Preferred Meri To Leave Instead?

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Kody Brown is currently dealing with the aftermath of Christine ending their marriage. The mother of six is already living her best life in Utah. However, Season 17 of Sister Wives is currently showing how her departure from the family came to be. Yet, in a preview for the latest episode, it appears Kody would rather Christine stay and Meri go. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Tells Meri To Leave

Christine has finally told her sister wives that she is leaving Kody. Not only that but she is also leaving Flagstaff and moving to Utah with her youngest daughter, Truely. At the same time, Kody’s first wife, Meri suffered a devastating loss. Her mother, Bonnie suddenly passed away at the age of 76. Now, she must figure out what to do with her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn as Bonnie was an integral part of it. She decides to temporarily shut it down as she ponders its future. However, her husband gives her a harsh wake-up call in the middle of her torment.

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According to Starcasm, during the episode, Kody suggests that Meri move into her B&B. She is stunned by this and, in some ways, offended. He has some reasons for suggesting this as the couple is the least close to one another. They rarely spend any time together and admittedly have not been intimate in over a decade. Yet, something also happens in the episode that is quite strange. Kody admits he is delusional as he starts to think maybe he can get Christine to stay.

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These thoughts come after a birthday party for their daughter, Ysabel who will be moving to North Carolina for college. After an amazing family time, Kody notes: “I’m just blue. We will never be there again. If we really go through with this is, as Christine is leaving, is she really going to leave? I’m living in a delusional world where [I’m] wishing that Christine wouldn’t leave.”

How It Ended Up

It does appear that Kody Brown was very quick to push Meri out the door. Yet he was still hopeful, in so many ways, that he could fix what was wrong with Christine. Maybe if she stayed, they could rectify the mess. That did not happen as she has been happily living in Utah near her eldest daughters Mykelti and Aspyn. She has her granddaughter, Avalon to dote on as she awaits the birth of her twin grandson. Furthermore, she and her former sister wife, Janelle travel extensively with Plexus and love to adventure together. As for Meri, her B&B has been up and running and she spends much more time there when she is not traveling with LuLaRoe. Kody who?

Do you think Kody really wanted Meri to leave or is he just thoughtless with what he says? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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