Will Kelly Clarkson Return To ‘The Voice’ Season 23?

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Fans are watching The Voice this season, but they are missing something that made the show fun to watch the past few seasons – Kelly Clarkson. The singer is gone, and that means her back and forth with Blake Shelton is also gone.

While fans are not all happy with Blake Shelton’s interactions with Gwen Stefani, things might not be this way forever. Kelly did a recent interview and was asked about possibly returning to The Voice.

Will Kelly Clarkson return to The Voice?

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson never announced that she was not returning to The Voice this season. While the coaches for the current season remained a mystery, Kelly said nothing. Instead, the new season’s coaches announced themselves with a TikTok chain. Blake Shelton started it, followed by John Legend. After this, the first new judge jumped in with Gwen Stefani. After Gwen, Camila Cabello showed up.

Camila basically replaced Ariana Grande, who was a disappointment last season. Not only did Ariana not bring a bigger audience to The Voice, despite her massive following, but she didn’t take anyone to the finals. As for Gwen, she is a veteran and former champion. She replaced Kelly Clarkson.

As for why Kelly Clarkson missed this season, she gave the exact reason recently. Kelly wanted to spend more time with her kids. As a result, she had to choose what she wanted to do for work. Her job as a daytime talk show host is the most important for her right now. However, she wanted to record a new album, and that meant The Voice lost out.

Kelly Clarkson

There is good news. In an interview with Variety, the interviewer asked if Kelly planned to return to The Voice, possibly as early as next season. “I stepped down on The Voice this season, because I just needed the space,” Kelly said. “I definitely … Um, I probably will be back at The Voice at some point. I might be back at The Voice.” When pressed, she said she doesn’t know if that means next season or not.

What is next for Kelly Clarkson?

The good news for Kelly Clarkson fans is that she left The Voice because she wanted to make new music. She had her Kelly-Oke album of cover songs recently, and she and Dolly Parton just collaborated on a “9-to-5” cover. However, this means new original Kelly music.

Kelly said that she had been working on the new album for the last two years. She also promised that the songs run the gamut of emotions, and fans can expect a little of everything. Kelly also said that she will do a tour, and she is figuring that out right now.

Do you miss Kelly Clarkson on The Voice? Are you ready for her to come back? Let us know in the comments below.

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