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Does Meri Brown Stick Around Merely Out Of Obligation?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has made it absolutely clear that he has no romantic desire left for his first wife, Meri Brown. However, it doesn’t appear as if they will split up anytime soon. Polygamous marriage is very important to the Brown family and they believe it’s their ticket into Heaven.

According to their faith, Kody Brown can’t go to Heaven unless he has at least three wives. With Christine’s departure, he’s down to the bare minimum now.

Even though Kody has emotionally abandoned Meri, she’s determined to stay. But does she owe any sort of obligation to the family patriarch aside from their religious beliefs? See what Reddit had to say on the issue.

Meri Brown can’t seem to leave the family

Kody and Meri Brown may not have any love left in their marriage, but it seems like they plan to stick it out. Kody continues to spend all his time with Robyn’s family while Meri posts cryptic messages on her social media page.

It’s clear that they’re miserable, so why don’t they just split up?

Meri Brown from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

“In one of the last interviews Meri mentioned being the first wife and there at the start of it all,” one Redditor shared. “I now wonder if she feels obligated to stay. I also wonder if she’s afraid she will be forced to lose the relationship with Robyn’s kids. I think Kody despises her enough that he would keep her from being able to see them.”

“I heard it like Meri was the CEO of the company and she built it with Kody and she’s going to stay with it until the company goes under… it didn’t sound like an emotional, passionate thing,” another user added. “Just an angry business person who is shitty the company isn’t going so great and that ex-employees (Christine) is making it even harder work than normal.”

Meri Brown from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

Other Redditors chimed in that they thought the CEO analogy was excellent.

The faith likely has a lot to do with the reason Meri sticks around. Even so, more fans believe she wants to leave but isn’t ready to abandon the faith yet. In this way, she may even be jealous of Christine Brown. That would explain her anger seen in previews.

Fans hope the sister wife will finally put herself first

In the past, fans have pointed out that Meri Brown does seem virtually done with the family, even if she chooses to stay spiritually married to Kody. Most believe that she only stays in Flagstaff to film and is off chasing other entrepreneurial pursuits when cameras aren’t around. No matter what the truth is, fans hope Meri managed to see the light and finally leave.

New episodes of Sister Wives air on Sunday nights at 10 PM eastern time. Tune into TLC on Sunday night and see what happens next.

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