‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings Leaks DMs, Puts Angry Fan On Blast

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Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings is a fan favorite and has been favored by fans over Mayim Bialik. However, a troll recently sent the host a bizarre email after which he clapped back by sharing the private message on Twitter with a witty reply. What did the troll say? How did Ken Jennings respond? Keep reading to find out!

Jeopardy! Host Ken Jennings Compared To An Elf

The 48-year-old shared a screenshot of an email sent to him by a critic where they claimed that the host looked like an elf. The message read, “YOU LOOK LIKE AN ELF. UCK. GO AWAY.”

Ken Jennings YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Amused by the message, the gameshow presenter captioned the screenshot, “Hosting Jeopardy! is the way to get a sobering look at America’s deep anti-elf prejudices.”

Making fun of the elf comparison, the host quipped in another tweet that read, “I got so mad about this email that I had to stomp away from the tree. And I might not bake another cookie for the rest of the day.”

Ken Jennings Shares Picture Of His Rarely Seen Son

Ken isn’t so public about his personal life and this post comes just days after he shared a picture of his son Dylan who looks just like him. The game show host captured Dylan sitting on the stands of a baseball game, wearing a Mariners jersey. The teen gave a thumbs-up sign to the camera as he held a Styrofoam plate loaded with food. The Jeopardy! host captioned the post, “The last time his team made it to the playoffs this guy wasn’t born yet. He just started his sophomore year of college. Congrats Mariners!”

Fans flocked to the comments section as one wrote, “Kinds looks like that Ken Jennings on tv.”

Another chimed in, “Does the long hair prevent people from saying, ‘you look like that Jeopardy guy,’ or does he still have to put up with that anyway?”

Ken Jennings shares Dylan and his daughter, Caitlyn (15), with his wife Mindy Boam. As per The Sun, the couple got married back in 2000 and at the time, Mindy was a preschool teacher.

How Are Ken And Mayim Splitting Their Hosting Duties?

Currently, Ken is busy hosting the latest season of Jeopardy! that premiered on September 12. His stint will continue until January after which Mayim Bialik will pitch in for her hosting duties. However, Ken Jennings will also be hosting the 2022 Tournament Of Champions slated to premiere on October 31, 2022.

Mayim Bialik YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Apart from this, he will also be hosting the Second Chance Tournament that will air from October 17-28. Mayim Bialik has also started hosting the spinoff series Celebrity Jeopardy! that airs every Sunday and premiered on September 25, 2022.

What do you think of Ken Jennings being compared to an Elf? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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