Aaron Clancy Talks ‘BIP’ Drama, His Changed Mindset

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Aaron Clancy came into this season of Bachelor in Paradise hot. He came in with his best friend James Bonsall who left the beach with him last time. After some wordplay, a few jokes, and hyping each other up they got to business. The two of them got a double date card and went searching for a perfect couple of girls.

They chose Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney who hated each other on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. Their feud led to a two-on-one date with Clayton which felt very uncomfortable for everyone. Clayton decided to send Shanae home. She had caused drama with more than just Genevieve.

Shanae even accused Genevieve of hooking up with Aaron after she left the show. Something Genevieve denied, but as we reported, Aaron said it made him notice Parisi. When he went on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation he addressed the double date and the potential for drama.

Aaron Clancy Thought They Might Have Beef

Aaron Clancy said he wasn’t worried about Shanae and Genevieve fighting over him on the date, but he did think they might just fight. According to Bachelor Nation, he made it clear to Shanae, he wasn’t interested in her. However, they didn’t show it in the episode.

Aaron Clancy, YouTube
Aaron Clancy, YouTube

He told Natasha Parker, Joe Amabile, and Tia Booth, “James is a stud and he was interested.” Aaron went on to say she’d be a fool if she ignored that. He didn’t know James was going to go for her, they didn’t share who they were into, but Aaron was surprised he chose Shanae. The date went well and the two girls let bygones be bygones.

He Had A Different Mindset This Time

Aaron Clancy said he was, “less impulsive,” this time around. He’d been to the beach before and people asked his advice. Aaron also said he matured a lot going to the beach a second time and he looked forward to it.

Aaron Clancy, YouTube
Aaron Clancy, YouTube

He said he felt really ready to find a relationship this season. When he got to meet everyone he said the group was great. Aaron didn’t let a lot out when it came to how the rest of the season is going to go. He said it was epic. He also said, “I came in as Aaron 2.0 with clear skin, white teeth, and the body was on point.” Fans agree that’s big facts.

How did you feel about the double date? Do you think Aaron has matured since last season? How do you think it ends for him? He ended his interview by saying, “I am happy. I think that everything happened the way it was supposed to.” Come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor in Paradise.


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