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Meri Brown Believes Christine Isn’t Devoted To The Children

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In an exclusive clip of Sister Wives, Meri Brown implies that Christine is being selfish in her decision to leave the family and perhaps isn’t as devoted to the children as the rest of Kody’s wives. Meri proceeds to clarify that Christine’s decision to leave and break up the family is an injustice to Truely, Ari, and Solomon.

While the details are a little unclear, the clip appears to be the family coming together to celebrate Ysabel as she heads off to live with Maddie and go to college. Meri, Robyn, and Janelle all seem to be on the same page with how incredible this celebration feels. The three wives, however, also agree that they are afraid. They are afraid that they don’t know when the family will come together again for another function like this one.

Meri Brown - Aurora Brown  Youtube
Meri Brown – Aurora Brown Youtube

Meri Brown doesn’t understand Christine’s decision

As the family comes together and enjoys this moment, Meri Brown points out how great it is that the family is able to push aside any crap or drama to just enjoy these moments together. Meri, however, wonders why Christine wasn’t able to push the crap aside and work things out with Kody. From Meri’s point of view, she believes Christine Brown is being selfish in making the decision to leave the family.

Robyn Brown seemingly shares Meri’s point of view. During last week’s episode, Robyn Brown admitted she doesn’t think Christine even understands the concept of divorce. Both Meri and Robyn seem to be in agreement that it isn’t alright that Christine is only thinking of herself and what she wants when they have a huge family that she is destroying in the process of putting herself first.

Gabe Brown - Christine Brown Youtube

Christine Brown knows what she’s doing

During multiple interviews, Christine Brown fully embraces the fact that leaving Kody is a decision that is about putting herself first. Christine explains that she’s lived years and years worrying about the wants and needs of everyone around her. She, however, questions at what point in time is it alright for her to start living her life for her. Christine Brown is done living for other people. She’s ready to start living for herself. And, she doesn’t seem to care how Robyn or Meri feel about it.

Do you understand why Meri Brown is claiming Christine isn’t devoted to the small children of the family? Or, do you think Meri is just jealous of the decision Christine made? Let us know in the comments don below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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  1. Shame on Christine for wanting to be a recognized as an individual human.

    Let’s not forget Meri had an affair ….was she thinking of the family when she did her dirty deed? Judge not least ye be judge, pot calling the kettle black and all that stuff.

    Let’s not forget Robyn has already done the dastardly crime of breaking up a family. Judge not least ye be judge, pot calling the kettle black and all that stuff.

    Let the woman (Christine) go so she can live in peace as you two have tried to do yourselves.
    Don’t tell me what you did was any different. Hypocrites.

    You that have been left behind for now, enjoy your own choice of living with a boy-child husband and live in an eternal hell in heaven with him.

    I hope there is a way in your religion for Christine to execrate herself from having to live in eternal hell/heaven with that boy-child dressed in men’s (sheep’s clothing).

  2. .I applaud Christine! Meri should have done the same when Cody shunned her instead of groveling for crumbs, ( I know Meri loves him but love is a two way street) Janelle is a secure woman and doesn’t need Cody to validate her, she believes in the principle of plural marriage so it makes it easier for her. I don’t think Christine even from the beginning really believed in the principle of plural marriage ( a very cruel to women practice)
    Robin , well she has no complaints because she is Cody’s favorite wife, hands down, The reason, she feeds his ego and lets him be the Alpha male, Carry on Robin , you are every man’s dream. Unfortunately for the rest of us gals we are free independent ladies and don’t need a man to think for us,

  3. Mary can go suck that lemon and continue to be the victim cause unless any of those kids say something about Christine…who it appears they love and adore….she needs to stay in her miserable bed that she has made for herself and continue her one person pity party. The man child she wants to be with will NEVER be with her because she bruised his ego by wanting to leave him with another man that turned out to be a woman. She woulda left him if her on line honey had been real.

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