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Jeremy Roloff Leaves Family, What Happened?

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Jeremy Roloff took to Instagram to reveal he was “stoked” to get away from Audrey and the kids for nearly a week. As TvShowsAce has previously reported, LPBW fans have suspected for a while that Audrey and Jeremy’s marriage was on the rocks. Fans are drawing this conclusion because of the facial expressions Jeremy is often making in the photos and videos his wife takes for Instagram. Deep down, LPBW fans are convinced Jeremy finds Audrey to be as insufferable as most fans do.

Just an hour ago, Jeremy Roloff shared a photo of himself on his back with his arm tucked behind his head. He had a whole assortment of hunting and camping gear next to him. He revealed he was preparing to unplug and spend some time living on the land with a few of his friends.

He penned in his caption: “Stoked to spend 6 days on the river and under the stars with 3 friends in the wild. Don’t think I’ve ever posted a lay down photo. Will be off grid and looking forward to it.”


Jeremy Roloff - Instagram
Jeremy Roloff – Instagram

Jeremy Roloff stoked to get away from Audrey

On Reddit, fans admit it has been a long time since they ever saw Jeremy so happy about something. One fan noted Jeremy was oozing with joy on his Instagram Stories update about the trip. The fan admitted that back when Jeremy was on the show, they don’t remember him ever being so happy about anything. Other fans pointed out that Jeremy used to be happy before he married Audrey.

Trolling Jeremy a bit, some fans wondered what he would talk about or how he would relate to his friends who likely had real jobs they were trying to get a break from. Fans were a bit frustrated that he even needed to take a break and unplug from “doing whatever he wants” all of the time.

Jeremy Roloff - Instagram
Jeremy Roloff – Instagram

Moreover, many fans took issue with Jeremy Roloff going on a trip for six days. Fans seemingly agreed that was a long time to pack up and leave Audrey alone with all of the children. Here’s what some fans had to say:

  • “Good for you. I wish more young men would do this. It’s good for the soul. Stay safe. Have fun.”
  • “I watched her Instagram video and he seemed so excited and happy about this trip. I don’t think he was ever this happy on the show”
  • “How will he relate to them? Most guys rip on their jobs and other shit just for fun on trips like this. No job and a beige life for him, how exciting! Lol”

Do you blame Jeremy Roloff for being so excited to get away from his wife and children? Do you think his trip sounds like fun? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Roloff family.

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