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Jennifer Beals Almost Passed On ‘Flashdance’ Role

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Jennifer Beals revealed that she almost passed on her iconic role in Flashdance. She was hesitant about starring in the film. Jennifer didn’t believe the hype that the movie would change her life. On Wednesday, October 5, the actress made an appearance on the ’80s version of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

During the interview, Jennifer talked about taking on the role of Alex Owens. At the time, she had an uncredited role in the 1980 film My Bodyguard. Jennifer beat Demi Moore and Leslie Wing to get the role in Flashdance. However, she was told that it wasn’t expected to be a cult classic.

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Talks about the iconic Flashdance role

Jennifer Beals had to think about whether she really wanted the role. She didn’t think it would help her acting career. Jennifer also got the opportunity to study at Yale, so she had to choose between acting and education. The Luckiest Girl Alive star recalled the time when she got the news.

“Once I got to school, my agent called the dean, I think, because I didn’t have a phone and got me the message saying, you know, that, ‘you got the part,'” Jennifer Beals told host Jimmy Fallon. “And I was like, ‘Okay. I have to think about this for a moment. Let me just take the weekend to think about it.”

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She was speaking to her agent on the phone. When Jennifer ended the conversation, she joked that she could hear their “silent scream.” When she initially ended up with the role, she didn’t think it would be as important as going to Yale. She decided to “do this thing and then go back to school.”

Little did Jennifer Beals know that Flashdance would become a smash hit. Both the movie and the soundtrack shot up the charts. Jennifer became a movie star, almost overnight. She recalls seeing fans wearing the iconic cutoff sweatshirts and leg warmers.

Jennifer Beals on Flashdance experience

Jennifer Beals told Jimmy that it was a “meta experience” to see people fall in love with her character. The signature costume was something that she owned and created on the day she went to a fitting. The Law & Order star called it an “interesting moment” in her life. Debating throughout the audition process eventually paid off.

Flashdance Scene [YouTube]
Jennifer Beals is thankful to the fans of the film. She still gets letters from those who say that Flashdance made an impact on their own lives. Most of them changed careers and chose their own happiness. It’s ironic considering Jennifer was thinking about her own at the time.

“Follow your dreams and work hard,” Jennifer Beals assures fans.

Check out the full interview below.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Beals almost passing up on the role? Do you love Flashdance? What’s your favorite ’80s movie? Sound off below in the comment section.

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