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Todd Chrisley Back To Business As Usual On Instagram?

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Things appear to be back to business as usual on Instagram for Todd Chrisley and his 2.3 million followers. As those who follow him on social media know, he took to Instgram 17 weeks ago to remind his followers that “God is always in control” before he stopped posting completely following his guilty verdict for bank fraud and tax evasion.

Ten weeks passed before Todd surfaced on Instagram to wish his beautiful daughter Savannah a very happy birthday. More weeks passed before Todd sporadically posted on his profile. Sadly, he continued to steer clear of social media following his conviction. He, however, does continue to publish weekly podcast episodes for his fans interested in continuing to connect with him and his wife.

In the past week, however, something changed. Suddenly, Todd Chisley was posting on his profile again. He still had the comments on his profile limited. But, it felt like things were returning to business as usual on his profile. What kinds of things has Todd been posting that has fans feeling like things are returning to normal?

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Business as usual on Todd Chrisley’s Instagram

As those who have followed Todd Chrisley for a while know, he’s very big on sharing a combination of powerful, spiritual, and sarcastic/snarky memes on his profile. Sometimes Todd adds a follow-up caption to go with the photo. Other times, he just lets the meme speak for itself. His followers often took a lot of comfort in the kinds of relatable and real things he posted on his profile. In the past week, Todd has been giving his followers a taste of the types of things he used to post on his profile.

Just today, he shared a snarky and relatable meme noting that if he blocked someone on social media the block extended to his real life too. While his comments were limited, his followers that could reply all cheered him on noting it was a fabulous meme.

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Two days ago, Todd Chrisley also shared a post noting that he thought people should focus more on trying to make a difference and less on trying to get their point across. Because of his limited comments, the photo didn’t get much feedback from his followers.

Outside of Todd keeping his comments mostly shut off, things appear to be back to business on his profile based on his activity this week.

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