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‘The Challenge: Ride Or Dies’: Who is ‘Love Island’s’ Olivia Kaiser?

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There were a lot of members of the Love Island USA Season 3 cast on The Challenge last season. However, two of the names mentioned for that season didn’t compete on the show. That was Season 3 winners Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy.

However, Olivia Kaiser is showing up on this season of The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Here is what you need to know about the former Love Island USA winner.

Who is Olivia Kaiser on The Challenge: Ride or Dies?

Olivia Kaiser was supposed to be on The Challenge on CBS, but she didn’t end up appearing on the show. Instead, she will be on the OG version of The Challenge on MTV. The show will see Olivia Kaiser appear on the show as a rookie, and the theme of the show is for contestants to team up with friends or loved ones. Her partner is fellow rookie, Horacio Gutierrez.

Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy on Love Island USA

Olivia Kaiser is a native of Alaska, but by the time she appeared on Love Island USA, she was living in Arizona. She is a business owner who has her own cosmetology company. She offers various beauty services, including micro blading, lip blush touch-ups, and other makeup assistance. It is interesting because, after her appearance on Love Island USA, many fans had bad things to say about her facial changes, without realizing this was what she did for a living.

As for Olivia on Love Island USA, she was an OG who went on to win it all with Korey Gandy as her partner. It was a strange season, as Olivia seemed to go through much of the season without finding a partner, and dismissing almost every guy that came her way. Just when she found someone she matched up well with in Andre Brunelli, she dumped him for Korey Gandy. Gandy was a huge fan favorite and carried Oliva to victory. They then broke up shortly after leaving the show when Olivia said she wanted to be friends and then felt heartbroken when Korey moved on.

Where to find Olivia Kaiser on Instagram

Olivia Kaiser and Cashay Proudfoot on Love Island USA

Olivia Kaiser can be found on Instagram at @oliviaannkaiser. Her bio reads that she is on The Challenge Season 38, along with Love Island USA Season 3. She also pointed out that she considers Alaska and Arizona as her home, she is a Cancer, and considers herself a “PMU Artist.” That stands for “permanent cosmetics.”

Olivia’s Instagram page includes a lot of photos of the reality TV star. They include photos in fancy dress for nights out and in modeling shots. There are also lots of photos of Olivia with her friends, both from Love Island USA and from her personal life.

Are you excited to watch The Challenge: Ride or Dies on MTV? Do you think Olivia Kaiser has a chance as a rookie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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