Justine Brennan on Survivor 43

‘Survivor 43’ Contestant Blacked Out During Elimination

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When people take part in Survivor, they expect to go through a lot of gruelling challenges. However, one of the most stressful challenges comes when the tribes eliminate someone. On Survivor 43, one recently eliminated competitor actually said they blacked out during the elimination.

Here is what they said and why they felt their elimination was because of “sexism.”

Justine Brennan on her Survivor 43 elimination

Justine Brennan works in cyber security for a living, but for her journey on Survivor 43, that might have hurt her. Cody Assenmacher helped lead to her elimination because he didn’t trust other people who worked in sales. It made little sense, but sometimes, that is how people play the game.

Team Vesi on Survivor 43

Justine also gave her special bead to Cody, which meant he got the deciding vote. It all ended up backfiring on her, as he helped send her home. This all led to the elimination ceremony, and Justine said she blacked out at this moment on the show.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Justine said that she felt Cody didn’t get rid of her because she was a salesperson. She said he felt threatened by her. However, when she realized she was probably going home early, she doesn’t remember much about what happened next.

“Honestly, I blacked out when Jeff read that third vote that said Justine. And so I just remember my body instinctively getting up, grabbing my torch,” she said. Justine said that as she walked up to Jeff Probst, she thought there was still a chance, and this couldn’t be the end. Then it was the end. She also said that there was a lot that the show didn’t air that made things look very different from how they were in real life.

Justine Brennan on Survivor 43

Justine feels sexism played a role in elimination

Justine also said that there was a lot of behind-the-scenes drama in the Vesi tribe, and some of her tribemates might have had some gender bias in targeting her. “There definitely is a gender bias on Survivor, and I think everyone knows that,” she said in the interview.

She mentioned people saw her as a threat when she made her own fire, but when the guys did it, there was nothing said about the skill. Justine mentioned that when a woman on Survivor does something impressive, it is almost a “death sentence” because many people don’t feel women should have these survival skills.

“You don’t see people reacting to [men] being like, ‘Oh, you guys showed your cards too early’,” Justine said. “But that’s the reaction that it has been for me… Someone has to make fire, or else we’re not going to have fire out here!”

Were you cheering for Justine Brennan on Survivor 43? Do you think she deserved to be eliminated? Let us know in the comments below.

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