Savannah Chrisley Clears Air On Relationship Status

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Beyond the fact that Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles are no longer together, Chrisley Knows Best fans are in the dark regarding her relationship status. Has she found someone new? Is she enjoying being single? In the grand scheme of things, Chrisley Knows Best fans aren’t exactly entitled to this information. Though, some fans are quick to argue the Chrisley family did choose to launch themselves into the reality TV spotlight and it isn’t unfair for fans to be curious about information such as this.

Did she break up with Nic Kerdiles?

There was never an official break-up announcement or confirmation from Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles. Fans just took notice of them no longer enjoying vacations together. Nic suddenly wasn’t spending so much time with Savannah’s brothers and father. Likewise, they were no longer interacting on social media or sharing photos of each other on their profiles. For most, it was when Savannah her brother Chase and his girlfriend Emmy started going on vacations with their friends that did not include Nic Kerdiles that fans were certain they were no longer together.

As far as fans that still follow Nic on Instagram know, he hasn’t done or posted anything to suggest he’s in a relationship with anyone. Considering his recent struggles with mental health, fans assume Nic is taking time to work on and love himself before he can extend that to someone else.

Savannah Chrisley & Nic Kerdiles Split [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]
This, however, leaves one pretty big question. Is Savannah Chrisley in a relationship with someone else? There have been rumors she and Chase’s friend Elliott were becoming a thing. There have also been rumors Savannah was dating a few different country singers. Has there been anything more than rumors?

While it goes without saying that Savannah Chrisley doesn’t owe anyone anything when it comes to her relationship status. She did make the decision to get candid about it recently.

Savannah Chrisley clears air on relationship status

Turns out, there have been rumors floating around that Savannah Chrisley was in a relationship with a country singer named Matt Stell. At 38 years old, Matt is 13 years older than Savannah who is only 25. So, some fans were a little off put by the age difference of this potential relationship. For the most part, however, fans know the Chrisley family has a deep love for country music. So, it wouldn’t be too surprising for Savannah to end up in a relationship with a country music singer.

Turns out, Savannah Chrisley appeared on SiriusXM’s The Highway about a month ago. During her appearance, Matt Stell’s music video for his song “Prayed For You” was discussed as Savannah stars in it. More specifically, Savannah was asked if she was in a relationship with the singer.

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Savannah Chrisley is pretty quick to point out that the music video happened back in 2018. At the time, she was still very much committed to and engaged to Nic Kerdiles. At the time, Savannah had no idea her relationship with Nic was going to end. Moreover, she certainly wouldn’t have stepped out on him with another man.

No [we didn’t date]. [I was still] very engaged. Then that ended pretty quickly which, you know, I got feeling about that one.”

She admits she did explore dating him

After things ended with Nic Kerdiles, Savannah Chrisley admits the waters of being in a relationship with Matt Stell were tested. She thought he was a great guy, but ultimately decided they were better off as friends. Shockingly enough, Savannah also admitted she’s never seen the music video she starred in and she doesn’t particularly care for the song either.

The Growing Up Chrisley star explained that at the time she went on a date with Matt because she couldn’t know if they had something real without giving it a try first. She, however, also realized that dating him ruined the song for her.

I don’t even like to hear the song anymore. You can’t take people you’re in a relationship with to your favorite restaurants, your favorite vacation spots because then you might break up and it ruins it.”

Savannah Chrisley [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

Presently, it appears as if Savannah Chrisley is very much single. Or, if she is in a relationship, she’s keeping it under lock and key.

Did you wonder what Savannah Chrisley’s relationship status is right now? Do you understand why she might want something private and out of the spotlight to enjoy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley.

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