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‘Life After Lockup’ Kayla Dragging Kevin To More Reality TV?

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Life After Lockup star Kevin Hale has been split between Kayla and Tiffany all season. He even spent most of last season of Love After Lockup torn between the two ladies. Now that Kayla has pretty much scared Tiffany away, is there a chance for the two of them? Furthermore, is Kayla trying to get her and Kevin on another reality show? Read on for more details.

Kevin Tries To Find A Successful Life After Lockup

Tiffany was Kevin’s prison love but it was very difficult with Kayla still in the mix. He and his ex had a crazy connection that could be denied. No matter how toxic they were to one another, they always found a way back to the madness. Right after Kevin dropped Tiffany off at work, Kayla found him and he took her home. She was sneaky and made a quick video of him in the shower with her telling Tiffany to leave them alone. Kayla then sent it from Kevin’s phone but deleted the text so he was none the wiser until he stopped hearing from his prison bae.

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In the long run, Tiffany moved on and has a new boyfriend. It appears that she and Kayla are good friends outside of the show. Plus, there was a time when Kayla posted that she was done with Kevin, as well. She claimed he would never change. Now it appears she might be taking that back. According to Starcasm, Kayla applied to be on another reality show involving couples. Within a short period of time, the show contacted her.

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The show appears to be similar to MTV’s Are You The One? and will take place in a tropical area. Additionally, couples have to have a history of being unfaithful. In a recent episode, it came out that Kayla was the first one to cheat in the relationship. They also have to want to work it out. It is unclear if they would be doing this together or if Kaya has another man in mind but this would completely make sense.

As For The Current Show…

Kevin just learned that Kayla sent the text to Tiffany or at least he is trying to figure it all out. She was smart enough to delete the text before he saw it so he only learned about it from Tiffany’s friend. Now, he has to decide if he will just stay with Kayla based on how dedicated she is to him or work it out with Tiffany. The latter may not even want to see him again.

Would you want to see Kevin in another reality series? Let us know and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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