Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater from Instagram

Emma Slater GUSHES Over ‘DWTS’ Partner Trevor Donovan

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Is Emma Slater falling in love on the set of Dancing With The Stars? The British dancer has absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about her Season 31 partner, Trevor Donovan. The pair seem to have amazing chemistry in the ballroom — and perhaps out of it too.

The 33-year-old dancer is newly single after announcing she and her husband Sasha Farber planned to part ways. If she and Trevor want to date, they certainly can.

Based on the kind things Emma had to say about her partner in a recent interview, DWTS fans suspect there may be a love connection.

Emma Slater loves being around her Season 31 partner

It’s not at all uncommon for feelings to bubble up in the ballroom. Sometimes the dancers and their celebrity partners have “showmances.” But sometimes, the passion is real.

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater from Instagram
Trevor Donovan & Emma Slater/Instagram

“It’s so easy to be myself with Trevor,” Emma told PEOPLE in a joint interview with the Hallmark actor. “I’m really grateful that you come in every single day, and you don’t know exactly what I’m gonna throw at you, but you just trust me anyway.”

“I know she’s not gonna let me go out there doing something wrong. She sets the bar high, and she expects it, and I appreciate that,” Trevor chimed in.

Each week, the routines get steamier and steamier. Fans just can’t deny that there’s a lot of chemistry between the two.

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater from Instagram
Trevor Donovan & Emma Slater/Instagram

Their Elvis Night routine in particular got a lot of attention. Host Alfonso Ribeiro even commented on the passion after the performance, much to Emma and Trevor’s embarrassment.

“When it’s a rumba, people expect passion, people expect that steam and you really have to tell a story,” Emma said about that routine. “I know we have this great connection, this great chemistry. I really fought hard to achieve the environment for us to just be ourselves and be expressive.”

Alfonso Ribeiro makes the couple blush on camera

Emma and Trevor exude passion in every performance they put on. But the Elvis Night routine was definitely a sight to behold.

“Now clearly you are over the fear of dancing, but the chemistry between you two, now I just gotta know: are those your acting skills or is that real?” show host Alfonso Ribeiro asked while the couple waited to receive their scores. Both Trevor and Emma seemed a little flabbergasted at the question and audience members at home weren’t happy he asked either. Everyone was thinking it — but many felt that Alfonso went a little too far by bringing it up.

“I knew nothing was happening [between Emma and Trevor] because she was at my house for my birthday. I talk to Sasha, like I’m aware of everything going on,” Alfonso Ribeiro later defended himself on Sway’s Universe. “And then America was like ‘That was rude because her husband is right there.’ I was like ‘That was a joke. We were playing. Aww, dang.’”

Do you think there’s a romance budding in the ballroom here? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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  1. I do think it looks like Trevor and Emma could be building a romantic relationship. Just the way they constantly are hugging each other and Emma can’t stop saying nice things about him. I think it would be awesome if they ended up dating and maybe even turn out like Robert Herjovec and his professional partner…married with twins.

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