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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown Looks For Beauty Around Her

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Rain Brown has gone through some tough times, as shown on the season premiere of Alaskan Bush People. Just before she was planning to accompany sister Snow to Alaska, she stood by helplessly as Bird discovered two tumors and needed surgery. The youngest Brown sibling said she wished it was her, but she has tried to stay strong.

Rain took to Instagram and let fans know that, even when life is tough, it is important to look at the beauty around them. She said to do this even when it seems hard.

Rain Brown looks for beauty

Rain posted a photo on Instagram of a beautiful shot of a tree-covered hill with the sun peeking out from behind the top. On top of the beautiful photo, Rain posted an inspirational message to her Alaskan Bush People fans. When the moments with her sister appeared on the season premiere, it really shined a light on how hard it must be for her to see this beauty around her.

“Often times we forget how truly beautiful the world really is, the trees the mountains the fields even the city’s the sunsets and sunrises the waves the people,” Rain wrote. “I want you to look around you today and find beauty in something, in anything, our good lords beauty is in each and every one of us, and all around us.”


Rain went on to say that people should always be grateful for every single day, “even if they don’t feel beautiful today, one day they will.” This really plays on a deeper level considering what Rain and her family are going through right now on Alaskan Bush People. This last weekend saw the season premiere showing Rain spending a lot of time in the hospital with her sister Birdie.

Rain Brown IG

Rain and Bird suffer on Alaskan Bush People

The trailers for the new season of Alaskan Bush People showed Bird suffering through a major medical issue. This turned out to be two tumors pushing against Bird’s ovaries. It was worse than anyone could have expected since Bird refused to see a doctor until the pain was intense she had no other choice. By the time she went in, she had two tumors, one eight pounds and one four.

Bird and Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People | Screencap

Rain stayed at the hospital with her sister and mother, Ami, the entire time. Bird came out of surgery and learned, to her horror, that she had a choice to make. There is a 50 percent chance the tumors could return, and with cancer next time, unless she has a full hysterectomy. However, this means she can never have children. Rain was there with Bird, but her sister has a massive decision to make.

Were you concerned about Bird on Alaskan Bush People? Was it good that she had sister Rain by her side? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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