‘The Rookie: Feds’ Gets High Praise For Crossover Commitment


ABC’s latest spinoff series The Rookie: Feds premiered on September 27, 2022, with many familiar faces from the parent show. With the very first episode, the series signaled that it wouldn’t be too different from The Rookie series. However, it did bring its very own twist to the tale established by the main series.

Simone Clark Isn’t A Part Of Matthew Garza’s Special Task Force

The series takes off after Simone Clark graduated from the Quantico FBI Academy. She is now headed to take up her new job in Los Angeles. Not just that, fans also got a glimpse of Brendon Acres, a rookie agent and Simone’s fellow graduate, who joined the FBI after letting go of his acting career. However, things don’t fall through for Simone. She is now assigned to do background checks as opposed to letting her be a part of the special task force brought together by Matthew Garza.

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As it turns out, Garza’s team is now under scrutiny and another agent is on the mission to bring it down. Although Garza feels Simone could be a liability when added to the task force, the latter has been doing her best to change his mind. As per CBR.com, this is where the spinoff seizes its crossover potential.

Who From The Rookie Appears On The Spinoff Series?

The first character to show up in the spinoff series from The Rookie was John Nola, played by Nathan Fillion. He pops up in the show to meet Simone at the airport after which she is dropped off to settle in with her father. At this point in the series, both Simone and John assumed that the former would be joining Garza’s team. This paves the way for the entry of another character from the original show, Angela Lopez. However, fans first got to see a small cameo from the lovable Officer Smitty.

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As Garza’s team arrives at a murder scene, Smitty goes all fanboy over Agent Brendon Acres, the star of the Vampire Cop show. He even tries to get an autograph. This scene is one of those several lighthearted comedic moments added to this new ABC show. The ongoing murder investigation leads to a possible suspect when fans see Angela Lopez entering the scene.

The Rookie’s Angela Lopez Aids Simone With A Lead

Thinking Simone is a part of Garza’s team, Angela calls her with a lead, aiding her to insert herself into the case. This later leads to John’s reappearance with the LAPD backup team just in time as a shootout starts.

The Rookie YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The crossover episode was a great way to start a spinoff series and enhanced the possible future storyline to a great extent. Moreover, Smitty’s comedic cameo added to the charm of the episode.

Did you get a chance to watch The Rookie: Feds crossover episode? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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