‘sMothered’ Laura Leigh Doesn’t Want Any Blurred Lines With Lisa


sMothered star Laura Leigh Reese is preparing to welcome her first baby with her wife, Lauren. Yet she still has Lauren’s mother, Lisa to contend with. Lisa has been super involved from the time of conception. With the baby’s arrival on the horizon, Laura Leigh is putting her foot down. She wants Lisa to know who is the boss and that it is the parents-to-be.

Laura Leigh Lays The Hammer Down On sMothered

In a TLC clip of sMothered, Laura Leigh is finally taking the time to talk to Lisa about where she stands when it comes to their baby. Raegan will be here before they know it and Laura Leigh wants her MIL to know her place. Yet it is really hard on Lauren, who is pregnant as she does not want the dissension between her mother and her wife. She just wants the two of them to get along for her sake and Raegan’s sake. When the three ladies plus Lauren’s dad are chatting, they soon learn that Lisa also has a hospital bag packed.

Lisa, Lauren

It is now too much for Laura Leigh as she is seeing that there are no limits or boundaries. Lisa comments that the ladies will go to her house from the hospital. That is when Laura Leigh stops in her tracks. Lauren says that they will go back to their own home with her wife saying she will take care of everything. They have a guest room so once it settles down, Lisa is more than welcome to come by. There is some conflict as Lauren does want her mom there as she recovers.


For Laura Leigh, she wants it to be her, Lauren, and Raegan at the beginning. Plus, she wants Lisa to call before she comes by. Laura Leigh openly says she has no problem making it clear where the lines are drawn. In the end, she tells her in-laws to just let them figure it out as new parents. Yet, when they need help, they will most certainly call. Lisa sees this as a challenge, in some ways, which is not so great.

Lisa Never Backs Down

From the start, Lisa has always been very involved in the babymaking process. She had offered to carry the baby for Lauren and Laura Leigh. However, she overstepped the boundaries when she inseminated her daughter without Laura Leigh even knowing. This shocked both viewers and Laura Leigh alike. They felt this was beyond smothering. Now, the baby is conceived and almost here so it is onto another level of what Lisa is capable of. Lauren really does want her mom around but Laura Leigh needs distance.

Can they compromise? Will Laura Leigh ultimately explode? Let us know and watch sMothered Mondays on TLC.



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