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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Agree Janelle Brown Made Huge Mistake

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown was dealt a heavy hit when she learned her rental was being sold. The mother of six could have bought the home as he noted it was a cute fixer-upper. Plus, she did really like where she was living at the time. She and Meri were the only two with rentals in Flagstaff so buying would not have been out of the realm. However, Janelle felt it best to take the money she would’ve spent on a home and put it elsewhere. That being on the Coyote Pass land. Since rentals were so hard to find, she opted to buy an 80K RV which fans are finding to be an utter mistake. Read on for why they feel the businesswoman was not so savvy with this move.

Sister Wives Star Makes A Huge Mistake

Janelle has always been a business-minded wife. She worked from sunrise to sunset when they lived in Lehi, Utah in their single-family home. Then, she immediately jumped into real estate in Vegas. Now, she’s living the life through a successful MLM business. However, by not purchasing her rental, did she actually go backward and not forward? A Reddit thread was started to address this and there is a bevy of valid points Janelle should have considered.

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“If the price was that great, why not put a fraction of the money into fixing it up and then sell or rent it out while getting an economical trailer (like an $8,000 one rather than 80k)? The trailer and truck purchase seem so incredibly stupid to me. Especially since they tapped out on winter and had to go into temporary housing! Do we think there are any odds on the planet she stayed with either Robyn or Meri?” the thread started.

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“I gave up trying to make sense of their financial decisions a long time ago. This family drives me bonkers,” another added. Someone joked: “So that she has a getaway car.” One noted: “It seemed very foolish not to buy that house and instead buy a 5th wheel (which do not have good resale values) AND a truck to drop it off on Coyote Pass instead of renting a truck to drop it off?!” Finally, a Redditor shared: “I agree about the truck. You don’t need to buy a new vehicle. Just rent one! This is why the suck with money.”

What’s Next For Janelle?

At the time the Sister Wives star made the big purchase, she had no idea that third wife Christine was leaving the family. Yes, she knew there were problems between Christine and Kody. However, Janelle was not aware it had gotten that bad. Kody then began to worry about what would happen to the lots now that Christine was gone. Ultimately, Janelle has found herself traveling so much, it really does not matter where she puts her head. The most important person is her youngest daughter, Savanah who has one year left of high school. After that, it will be interesting to see where Janelle lands.

Do you think it was irresponsible to buy the RV over the rental? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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