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Gil Bates Rushed To Hospital, What Happened?

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Bringing Up Bates star Gil Bates was recently rushed to the hospital. What happened to the father of 19, and is he okay now? Keep reading for the full update.

Over the years, the Bates family has spent plenty of time at the hospital. With 19 children, there have been several injuries and illnesses. Now, Gil is the one seeking medical attention. Just two days before Trace and Lydia Bates’ wedding, which was on Saturday, October 1, the Bringing Up Bates dad was seriously injured.

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The Bringing Up Bates dad is rushed to the hospital.

In their latest YouTube video, Trace and Lydia revealed what happened.

In the video, Trace walked out of his parents’ home and into the driveway. He explained, “My dad was just shooting bows and arrows and somehow shot one through his hand. He is on the way to the doctor two days before the wedding. It is not good.” 

He then panned over to Gil Bates, who was sitting in the passenger seat of the car with his hand wrapped in a towel. It looks like the arrow was still in his hand at this point. 

When Gil tried to show his injury, Trace censored it with a black box. So, it must have been pretty bad.

Trace Bates YouTube, Gil Bates

Later, Trace gave fans another update and said that his dad was in the hospital. At the time, they were just hoping it wouldn’t require surgery, especially so close to the wedding day.

Finally, Trace shared more details once Gil got home from the hospital, and he revealed that his dad did have surgery. Below, you can see a photo of Gil back at home with his hand wrapped up.

Trace Bates YouTube, Gil Bates

Did Gil Bates make it to the wedding?

Fortunately, Gil Bates was able to be at Trace and Lydia’s wedding, despite his injury. He was in several photos and videos during the rehearsal and ceremony. In the second photo, you can see him at the rehearsal with his hand bandaged. Fans are relieved to hear that Gil is doing well. Hopefully, the rest of his recovery goes smoothly.

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You can watch the new YouTube video below. 

So, are you relieved to hear that Gil Bates is okay after his accident? Can you believe this happened to him so close to the wedding day? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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