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‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Filming Officially Confirmed?

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Season 17 of Sister Wives is only a few episodes in. Yet, it appears that the show is doing so well, Season 18 is already on the horizon. Though it appeared that family members were very recently filming, it was unclear why. Some believed that the show might see a possible time jump which is rare for SW. It is usually a year or so behind. As of now, the episodes are taking place in the Spring of 2021. Yet, it might not have been a time jump the Browns were filming for but rather a new season. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Season 18 Already Underway?

Third wife Christine left the plural family last year. However, she is still very close to her former sister wife, Janelle. They still meet up a lot and go on trips. Despite having moved to Utah, she was actually seen around Flagstaff filming throughout the summer. So was her very pregnant daughter, Mykelti Padron. She was trekking from Utah to Flagstaff on a regular basis to film as well which was strange to fans. Season 16 only showed she was expecting baby number one and, by this time, she was already on her second pregnancy.

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Now, it appears that all of this filming was not for a time jump but for another season. According to @withoutacrystalball, filming is underway. So far, it is unclear whether or not they are referring to what has already been filmed thus far or if there is more going on. However, this more than explains why they were so eager to film. The current season was the one to watch as it showed Christine officially leaving the plural family. It definitely piqued fans’ interest as the rating went through the roof.

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The TLC reality series ranked number eleven for Sunday night Original Cable Telecasts. Furthermore, it has garnered over 1.3 million viewers and @withoutacrystalball noted that it is not a pricey show to film. Many of the confessionals have actually been filmed by the cast themselves due to the pandemic. As for what can be expected for the next season, that is anybody’s guess.

More To Come

Anything can happen in Season 18 of Sister Wives as so much has already occurred behind the scenes since this year filmed. Christine is happily adjusted in Utah while she and Janelle enjoy the fruits of their labor. Mykelti and Maddie are both pregnant again while Meri’s only child shared they are transgender. Speaking of Meri, she has been traveling up a storm while Kody and Robyn are out dancing and living the good life. It could be about the family learning how to just co-exist in order to get to the Celestial Kingdom.

Are you excited for Season 18 of Sister Wives? What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments and watch the current season Sundays on TLC.


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  1. I honestly think it is time for Sister Wives to fold and close up shop. The show has run it’s course and has become dull and sad.

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