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Kody Brown Convinced Christine Had A Secret Lover?

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Kody Brown has previously expressed a concern that Christine would run off to Utah, find a new man, and steal all of his money. During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown told the cameras he believed Christine already had a man. He implied she had a secret lover on the side waiting for her in Utah. Kody was convinced the real reason Christine was trying to pick up and move to Utah was so she could be with her secret lover. Did Christine have a secret side piece? Would fans really blame her if she did?

Kody Brown is convinced Christine has a new man

During a previous episode, Kody Brown suggested Christine find someone else to be in a relationship with, bring them to Flagstaff, and keep the family together. Neither Christine nor fans at home really understand the point of this suggestion. Kody Brown doesn’t have too many children left that are underage.

Moreover, most of his underage children are in Robyn Brown’s house. Christine Brown has openly admitted she’s never been that close to Meri or Robyn. Furthermore, with the exception of Truely, all of Christine’s children are adults. So, fans don’t really understand why she would need to stay with the family much less bring a new person into the fold.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Christine Brown – Youtube

She’s open to dating, just not now

As far as whether Christine Brown already had a secret lover, Kody’s theory couldn’t be further from the truth. Christine has openly admitted during interviews that she loves the idea of dating. Her daughter Truely, however, isn’t ready to see her in a relationship with someone other than Kody. Truely likes the life they are living right now with her mother being single and happy. Christine said during an interview she planned to just let fate take the wheel and one day she would find someone to be happy with. Christine Brown did make a point to clarify she was done with polygamy, though.

Christine and Truely Brown via YouTube

Sister Wives fans seem to be in agreement that Christine Brown is very happy living the single lady lifestyle right now. That being said, Sister Wives fans would also love to see Christine thrive in a relationship with a man who loved her and treated her like a queen. Likewise, fans agree they wouldn’t have blamed Christine for a second if she had a secret lover on the site.

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