‘The Little Couple’ Family Suffers Heartbreaking Death

The Little Couple - Instagram

The Little Couple family took to Instagram several days ago asking fans for prayers. A beloved member of Jen Arnold’s family wasn’t doing too well. A member of The Little Couple family was in the ICU and Jen Arnold prayed they would get to have a little more time together. Sadly, a heartbroken Jen Arnold took to Instagram tonight with saddening news. Their dear family member passed away and she knew their “world will never be the same.”

The Little Couple family suffers heartbreaking death

As those who follow Jen Arnold on Instagram know, their beloved chihuahua, Rocky, was admitted to the ICU a few days ago. The TLC personality made the decision to share this news with Instagram because she knew fans of her reality TV series loved Rocky just as much as she and her family did.

Two days ago, Jen Arnold took to Instagram again. Said it was day three of Rocky being in the ICU. She explained the next 48 hours would be crucial as they waited to see if their furbaby responded to the treatment. Sadly, she told her followers it was not a good day for Rocky.

The Little Couple - Instagram
The Little Couple – Instagram

Yesterday, Jen took to Instagram again. She admitted her entire family had sore eyes from the number of tears they had shed. Jen penned: “still praying for a miracle & that Rocky turns the corner.”

In the past hour, Jen Arnold posted the update fans of The Little Couple never wanted to read. Rocky was no longer alive. After 15+ years of life, Rocky passed away.

We tried so hard to have him with us a little bit longer but God had other plans for the #Rockstar. Rocky inspired @reallybillklein to create the #popuppeepad & with #Maggie inspired us to create @rockyandmaggies. His legacy will live on forever just as he will live on forever in our hearts. RIP #DOODLEBUG WE LOVE YOU.”

Jen Arnold - Instagram
Jen Arnold – Instagram

Fans mourned with Jen Arnold and her family

The Little Couple fans showered Jen Arnold and her family with condolences and well wishes. Fans made sure Jen knew they were grateful she took the time to post so many photos and updates of Rocky during his final days. Overall, fans were gutted and deeply sorry the family had to go through such a heartbreaking death.

Rest in peace, Rocky.

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  1. Jen, Bill, and family,
    My heart is breaking for you I lost my precious little yorkie passed in September she was 15 in our years only 4 lbs. so we’re blessed to have her with us that long but our hearts were so broken and still is especially mine. So many blessings and prayers, love for you and your family are with you all.🙏❤️🐾💔

  2. Jen and Bill and Family,
    Being a dog owner and being in that position myself I can’t imagine the grief you’re experiencing. When I lost my little girl(Abby) it broke my 💔 you feel like you’re doing the best for the dog,but after I felt like a heel; like I could’ve done more even though I had to more specialists and extra meds were added but in the end Abby went blind..What kind of life is that for an Angel with Cushings disease…so it’s what’s best for our furry companions,my deepest condolences

    God go with you

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