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‘Stranger Things’ & ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Collide, Here’s Why

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Sometimes unexpected shows sort of collide in unexpected ways. In this case, it’s more like two stars of two very popular shows collided. Hannah Godwin of Bachelor in Paradise called out a Stranger Things star. Who did she call out and why? Keep reading to get all the details!

Bachelor in Paradise and Stranger Things collide

As it turns out, Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite Hannah Godwin has had a rather popular Stranger Things cast member slide into her DM’s. However, it’s now what you may think.

Hannah made a TikTok video that called out Noah Schnapp. While Rhyming to the rhythm of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl,” Hannah called out Noah saying he didn’t come through on his part of a deal they had made.

The deal was actually made a year ago when Noah slid into Hannah’s DM’s on Instagram. She said, “I opened Instagram, and I said ‘Yo, who just slid in my DMs?'” She continued, “And it is Noah Schnapp, he said ‘Hey, my best friend is obsessed with you. It’s her birthday, could you make her a birthday video saying hi?'”

Hannah replied to Noah by saying, “I said, ‘Oh my gosh, but yes you have to do the same. My best friend Dina is so obsessed with you, will you make a video?'” She continued her rhyme saying, “He said ‘I gotchu.'”

She continued her story saying, “So I woke up and I made a video the next morning. Then I sent it to him. He said ‘This is perfect.’ I said ‘Awesome,’ and I never got a video back.”

Hannah also noted she’s still holding out hope of getting that video for her friend. She said, “But it’s OK, maybe he was busy, who knows? But we are still waiting on a video.”

Noah replied to Hannah’s TikTok

About an hour after Hannah uploaded the TikTok for all to see, Noah himself replied in the comments. He said, “What?? I’m sending it rn who’s it for.” Hannah snarkily replied, “I’ll have my people reach out to ur people.”

Fans of course went crazy and said Noah just had to make the video for her. Hannah was sure to point out that she just thought it was funny and wasn’t upset.

Noah Schnapp via Insta

So far there is no word if the video for Hannah was made and sent as promised by Noah.

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