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Does Shanae Ankney Bring Her Villian Status To ‘BIP’?

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Bachelor fans know Shanae Ankney from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. She had the villain label and fought with the other women often. Now she’s going onto the Bachelor in Paradise beach with many of the same women. Fans have already sensed a little tension, especially with Genevieve Parisi. When Clayton sent Shanae home the women celebrated with champagne. Gabby Windey even drank from two bottles at once. They were so happy Parisi was the one that stayed after a two-on-one date with the resident villain.

When Shanae talks about her time on the beach, she says she’s a new person. No longer does she want the drama she dealt with to follow her around. However, fans aren’t quite convinced, especially after viewing the previews where everyone is screaming, crying, and throwing up. Read on to see how Shanae feels like fans will take her time on the beach.

Shanae Ankney Says This Is Her Show

According to Bachelor Nation, when Shanae Ankney showed up for the Clickbait with Bachelor Nation podcast, she said this is, “Shanae 2.0.” She let the hosts know this season is all about her and that the drama is in the past.

Shanae Ankney, YouTube
Shanae Ankney, YouTube

Shanae said she was on her best behavior and the drama circled around the guys. She did some juggling and found it difficult to keep up with all of them. More so, it became clear before Shanae arrived the girls didn’t want her to show up. Shanae shared a bit about herself with Bachelor Nation. She’s obsessed with Tom Brady and loves the outdoors, Christmas, and frozen yogurt. She also shared she was homecoming queen her senior year.

Genevieve Parisi Acknowledged The Tension

Genevieve Parisi talked to Click Bait as well and discussed how it felt seeing Shanae again. She said they hadn’t spoken and she didn’t want the drama. Moreover, she noted she wasn’t looking for Shrimpgate part 2. The main conflict between Shanae and the women on the show was over shrimp. Shanae told Clayton she was bullied because they denied her offer of a plate of shrimp.

Shanae Ankney, YouTube
Shanae Ankney, YouTube

The argument was most explosive between Genevieve and Shanae and went on way too long. It distracted Clayton from spending time with the girls and everyone was steamed. Genevieve wanted an apology from Shanae, and Natasha Parker asked her if she got one. Parisi said, “you will have to watch and find out. It’s not what you expect.”

What are your thoughts about Shanae on the beach? Finally, do you think her drama with the women is behind her? How do you feel about her juggling multiple men? Comment with your thoughts below. It remains to be seen if she truly is on her best behavior as Bachelor in Paradise is just getting started.

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