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‘LPBW’ Lilah Roloff Follows In Mama Tori’s Footsteps

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LPBW (Little People, Big Worldstar Lilah Roloff appears to be following in her mama Tori’s footsteps. On social media, Tori gave fans a peek at her 34-month-old daughter’s latest adventure, revealing what her blossoming personality is like. What is the growing little girl up to? Keep reading to get all of the details.

Lilah’s third birthday is right around the corner. On November 19, she will celebrate her special day. Thanks to TLC’s LPBW and social media, fans have gotten to watch the adorable young lady grow up.

Recently, Tori has given fans a peek at Lilah’s personality. It looks like she’s starting to figure out what she likes and dislikes. She showed off her modeling skills during a beach photo shoot. But a new series of photos revealed that Lilah has some other skills these days.

Tori Roloff Instagram, LPBW

LPBW: Lilah Roloff might follow in Tori’s footsteps

On her Instagram Stories this weekend, Tori kicked off a little photo series with a text post that asks, “What photos did Lilah take on mom’s phone today?!”

Tori Roloff Instagram, LPBW

Then, the LPBW mom posted the pictures she discovered on her phone, courtesy of her two-year-old.

Below, you will see that Lilah took a blurry abstract photo and then one of a light fixture. Another snap is of the little girl’s forehead.

Tori Roloff Instagram, LPBW

Next, Lilah took a couple of photos of her toes. Then, Tori wrote, “Okay, and the next one is actually the sweetest.” In the final photo, you can see five-year-old Jackson laying on the floor playing a board game.

While sharing the photo, Tori wrote a caption from Lilah’s perspective. She said, “Playing count my chickens with brother.”

Tori Roloff Instagram, LPBW

It looks like Tori loves finding sweet photos from Lilah on her phone. And she couldn’t help but share them with LPBW fans too.

Lilah isn’t the only one who might be a photographer like Tori someday. As TV Shows Ace has reported, five-year-old Jackson has also taken a turn behind the camera. So, it’s possible that both Jackson and Lilah will pursue photography as they grow. But since they’re young, it’s too soon to know for sure.

So, do you think that Lilah Roloff might end up being a photographer like her mom, Tori? Or do you think she’ll go another route? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Tori, Zach, and the rest of the LPBW family.

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