New Proof Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Split

Kylie Jenner | Youtube

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been together seemingly forever and they even share two children together. However, fans are certain that now, they have called it quits. Keep reading to find out what we know so far.

Is Kylie Jenner single?

Kylie and Travis may have been dating a while, but that doesn’t mean they will never split. Now, fans think that Kylie may officially be single. Why? Because of the content she has been posting on Instagram. According to The Sun, many Reddit users think that she has the post-breakup ‘glow.’

  • “Her and Travis aren’t together defo no more all these recent thirst traps scream ‘look what you lost'””
  • “I don’t get it at all. Two beautiful babies a gorgeous mamma… what’s wrong with this guy?”
  •  “there was a time period she was constantly posting her with Travis looking like she a housewife.”
  •  “Do we think she is single?! She’s got a certain post-break-up glow”

One of these posts includes her laying in bed with black pants and a matching black bra on. She’s eating grapes while she looks seductively off to the side.

“slay sleep repeat,” she captions the sultry photos. You can view these photos here.

While this doesn’t confirm her split from Travis, it does seem that there has been a major lack in Travis content lately and far more thirst traps than before. Hopefully, whatever the couple decides to do is best for them and their two children!

Kylie Jenner | Youtube
Kylie Jenner | Youtube

Kylie’s fashion fails

Aside from just her dating life, Kylie has actually been in the spotlight quite a bit lately. However, it’s not all good. In fact, some are pretty confused about her current fashion choices.

Recently, the star has been attending some Balenciaga shows. Of course, these are very high fashion events so Kylie has been pulling out all the stops. However, not everyone is sure that Kylie is hitting the mark with her outfits.

This all started with a white dress that hugged every single curve on Kylie’s body. Then, the look showed off her bare chest and finished with a white band around her neck. However, the dress wasn’t the weird part of this combo. Instead, it was her bright blue boots. The footwear went high up her leg and left a cut-out so her exposed toes could peep through.

That’s not the only outfit though that has fans confused. In fact, she also got called a muppet after wearing a hot pink, fuzzy, floor-length dress.

Overall, it seems fans have a lot of questions about Kylie Jenner’s life. Hopefully, she fills everyone in soon!

Do you think she and Travis Scott are still dating? Let us know in the comments below.

Haley Cook


  1. Trav and Kylie need to stop the game playing. They are parents of two children that needs both parents. Kylie ya need to stop hanging on to moms and be a MoMA and Trav needs to a daddy. Raise yr kids together. I understand that Trav doesn’t want to be controlled by the Kardins and it time that Kylie step out with her man and build a life with him. Kylie ya have kids now and it’s time to stop yr men jumping and raise yr kids. Stop playing games. Trav ya need to stand up and be with yr family.

  2. This stuff about Kylie and Travis plus that RO girl which has NO CLASS and looks like Tramp. (Nasty) Kylie ya are a beautiful woman and a wonderful moma and for Travis to do this and lie is a big let down.. If RO knew about Kylie why was she with Travis. I can tell ya why she a Hoe Hoe.. Well I hope Kylie and Travis can work it out but Travis will have to make lots of changes. I know now why he never wanted to move in with Kylie and his children now. You are so wrong and if Kylie doesn’t take ya back ya deserve it 100%. Kylie I hope ya act like a mother and no Hoe either and not go just go jump in bed with the first man.. Have respect for yourself and yr children. Its not all about kylie anymore. Stay strong and you think about this and be honest with yrself. Its none of yr familys business and ya and Travis need to sit down and talk like parents. Ya two are adults and need to be adults and take care of yr relationship and get it off the computer. Its know one business but ya and travis.. Travis ya need to go talk with someone and stop yr game playing with Kylie and yr children.. Ya should be ashamed of yrself too. I hope they act like parents.. Good Luck Travis and Kylie.. Just be honest and stay faithful if ya can..

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