Fans Compare Kylie Jenner To A Muppet

Kylie Jenner | Youtube

Kylie Jenner is generally pretty fashionable. However, her most recent looks have fans questioning her taste. Some are even going as far as to call her a muppet. What do you think of her most recent fashion looks?

Kylie Jenner’s most recent look

Kylie Jenner is always pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion, however, according to The Sun, her most recent look may have taken things too far. The star wore a hot pink, long-sleeve, floor-length dress that appears to be made out of fur. Apparently, she wore this look to a Balenciaga show.

Unfortunately for Kylie, fans had all sorts of things to compare her look to, including a muppet.

Kylie Jenner | Youtube

  • “I burst out laughing. It looks like some character from a children’s show.”
  • “Giving me Grover vibes.”
  • “I was thinking Snuffaluffagus.”
  • “It’s giving big bird but her makeup is much nicer here.”

It seems this was likely not the goal for Miss Kylie. However, she didn’t help matters when she paired the look with some black, winged, futuristic-style sunglasses.

She’s horrifying fans with her taste

This isn’t the first time this week she has been called out for weird outfits. In fact, just yesterday, fans were shocked at yet another look of hers. However, this time, it was a dress and shoe combo that had jaws hitting the floor.

In the look, Kylie is wearing a skin-tight, white dress that goes to about mid-shin. The dress is off the shoulder leaving her chest totally bare, while another strip of white goes over her neck. Overall, the dress is weird but nothing too crazy. However, it’s the shoes she opted for that has everyone confused.

Kylie opted to wear some thigh-high, bright blue boots. What’s even worse? They had a cut-out just for her toes. Needless to say, fans were pretty confused by this look.

  • “The gasp I made when I saw those horrendous shoes.”
  • “Quite possibly the worst footwear I have ever seen.”
  • “Those are the ugliest shoes I’ve seen in my entire life.”
  • “I can’t even begin to make sense of those shoes.”
  • “Looks like her feet burst through a pair of medical gloves.”

Hopefully, Kylie gets back on fans’ good sides when it comes to her outfits!

Do you think Kylie Jenner’s looks are weird? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more news on all of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters!

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