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Kody Brown Salts Ysabel’s Wound By Favoring Breanna?

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Kody Brown is not winning any parental awards, especially over the past few seasons. It is clear that he has favored fourth wife Robyn and her five kids. Mainly because they have followed all of his stringent pandemic protocols. Now, with schools reopening on the new season of Sister Wives, fans are noticing another act of favoritism. Clearly, some kids are eager to get back to their friends and some semblance of normalcy. However, is Kody encouraging one child to stay home over another? Is there a reason for this behavior? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Shows Preference For Breanna Over Ysabel?

Last week, when the wives and Kody were on a four-way call, it was mentioned that schools were reopening. Christine shared how Ysabel was going to head back to in-class learning. Being a senior, it was something that was very important to her. Fellow sister wife, Janelle chimed in, noting that the school was probably following strict CDC guidelines. Therefore, Ysabel would be fairly safe when it came to being in a classroom all day.

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However, when it came to Robyn’s daughter, Breanna, Kody noted that he had asked her not to return to school. Though she had wanted to go back so she could see her friends, she understood the risks. Christine mentioned that, even though Ysabel wanted to be with her friends, she would have loved a call like that from her dad. Since she will be in school once again, this poses the question of how will Kody spend time with his daughter. He seemed to not want to make an effort to try to find a solution. Kody claimed it was still too cold for them to sit outside and talk at six feet apart.

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Again, this week, the subject of Breanna staying home for the rest of the school year came up. As this was discussed, of course, it was noted how Ysabel would love to see her dad. However, she has not gotten the incentive to stay home so she can develop a closer relationship with her father. There is no real reason why she should not go back for her senior year. It seems as though Kody will take the time to speak with Breanna about staying home so they can all be together. Yet, Ysabel is just not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Something About Breanna

Fans have long speculated something interesting about Kody Brown and his eldest daughters with Robyn. Aurora and Breanna came from her first marriage but were later adopted by Kody. However, fans have theorized that one of these girls could someday become a sister wife, mainly Breanna. She looks a lot like a younger Robyn and was once talking about “booty dancing” in front of her dad. Furthermore, she and her siblings are just as obedient as their mother.

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Aurora, Avalon, Breanna

Another interesting sign that he favors Breanna is that he was very involved with her getting her license. Why is that a big deal? Well, his other daughter with Janelle, Savanah was also learning how to drive. Yet it was Janelle who did all of the legwork and showcased what a proud mama she was. To be clear, Savanah, like Breanna, also opted to stay home for the rest of the school year but did not get any special accolades from her father. Rather, he has left her mother to find a place for them to live solely on their own.

Do you think Kody favors Robyn’s kids over his others? Is this extremely unfair or is he over the plural lifestyle so he sticks to the wife who obeys him? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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