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BIP Spoilers Reveal What Happens With Aaron Clancy, Genevieve Parisi

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Those who watched the Women Tell All after Clayton’s season know Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney don’t get along. Part of the reason besides an alarmingly long argument over a plate of shrimp was Ankney’s accusations. She said on the WTA that Genevieve left the show and hooked up with Aaron Clancy. She saw him in a bar before the show aired and shared a picture with him. They didn’t even really know each other.

When she got over the shock of that accusation she fired back at Shanae that she was in Aaron’s DMs. Aaron later confirmed that she did comment on his Instagram and that he did not hook up with Parisi. He said, “Genevieve and I met randomly one time at a bar. Clayton’s season hadn’t even aired yet, so I didn’t know who she was.” He went on to say she knew him from Paradise and he didn’t want to talk about The Bachelor with her. The speculation did pique his interest in pursuing her once they got to Paradise. If you’re avoiding BIP spoilers, don’t read past this point.

Does Shanae Bring Drama To The Couple

In addition to dealing with developing a relationship, Genevieve also had the unfortunate realization Shanae Ankney would be on the beach with them. She has revealed she confronted her about the Aaron rumors she put out into the universe. There hasn’t been any more information leaked about how that confrontation goes, she just said it isn’t what you think.

Genevieve Parisi, YouTube
Genevieve Parisi, YouTube

Shanae said she was a changed woman on the beach and that she left all the drama behind her. As we reported, she said she was on her best behavior. Her drama was with the guys because she was dating more than one. It remains to be seen if she’s telling the truth about the drama.

Parisi was aware of what rumors, like the one Shanae was spreading, could do to her Paradise experience. Genevieve said, “I don’t want it to be like I was talking to this person. I was making a plan trying to get on Paradise and make it far.” She has likely seen the past seasons where that didn’t go well for other couples. Most recently Pieper James and Brendan Morais.

Genevieve Parisi. Instagram
Genevieve Parisi. Instagram

What Happened Between Aaron Clancy And Genevieve Parisi?

Reality Steve reported that Aaron and Genevieve do feel the chemistry on the beach. He also said they break up before the end of the season. We’ve seen couples reconnecting after the show ends so it’s possible they could rekindle what they started. According to Life and Style, Genevieve is ready to find her forever partner.

Aaron Clancy via YouTube

She said she’s ready to be married and have four or five kids. What do you think about the chances of Aaron and Genevieve getting back together? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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