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‘BIP’ Justin Glaze Talks Surprises & First Impressions On The Beach

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Justin Glaze is a fan favorite of Bachelor nation. He is well known for his facial expressions during Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. There have been many memes made of his reactions and fans can’t wait to see more. He even captioned the announcement he would be on the season, “let the memes begin.” Since he’s looking for love on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, there are likely many more reactions to come.

He appears often on TikToks with some of Katie’s other men and has a great relationship with Greg Grippo, Andrew Spencer, and Michael Allio. He talked to Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo on their podcast, Talking it out with Bachelor Nation about the show.

Justin Glaze, Instagram
Instagram, Justin Glaze

Justin Glaze Got Some Advice Before BIP

Justin Glaze was asked on the podcast if he got any advice from people who’d been on the show before. According to Bachelor Nation, he said there weren’t too many but a couple of alum gave him some advice. He said he’d hung out with Joe Amabile in Chicago and he talked to him on his podcast about his approach to the show.

He said Joe told him to be himself and trust himself.  Joe Amabile is engaged to Serena Pitt so the process worked for him. While there were a couple of people he was interested in who was also going on the show, he didn’t speak their names. He wanted things to happen organically. He didn’t want to put pressure on the situation.

What Were His First Impressions?

Justin Glaze said no one really surprised him. He reminded podcast listeners they didn’t know Gabby and Rachel’s guys because their season hadn’t aired yet. The first thing he saw was Jacob Rapini with his buns out.

Justin Glaze, TikTok
Justin Glaze, TikTok

He said Serene Russell was a lot funnier and more outgoing than she seemed on The Bachelor. From watching her on the show, he didn’t think she would be. The same could be true for several of the men from his season too. Their personalities blossomed on social media after the show was over.

He Didn’t Want To Fall For Someone Over Social Media

Justin Glaze said he didn’t want to fall for someone on social media or TV. He said, “I am much more of an in-person type of guy. I wanted to feel out the vibes.” He went on to say that sometimes what you see online isn’t the truth.

Justin also shared he spoke to Noah Erb after meeting him a couple of weeks before going. He said Noah gave him good advice too. Noah is with Abigail Herringer and the two seem very happy. Justin said, “I am taking notes from the right people. They are in two successful relationships!”

What do you think about Justin Glaze looking for love? Are there any women you could see him being happy with? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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